Site Info.

Not Right Never Wrong, or NRNW, is a passionate, cray cray and witty (I hope) blog looking at theater/musical happenings as is spans across Broadway, Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, TV and Cinema. Owned and operated by Alex (who may refer to himself as "I" or "me"), you can expect reviews of shows, news commentary, interviews, profiles, countdowns, a contest/giveaway on occasion and more as new entries appear on the site 2 - 4 times a week.

What You Should Know

-- This blog has been running since July 2010, but yes, some blog entries have been removed across the way at the discretion of the owner a.k.a me...for one reason or another. (*Cough* Potential for Blackmail *Cough*)

-- While I work in Public Relations and have been writing my entire life, you may find a spelling error here or there. You may also find interesting uses of grammar...but that is typically intentional. I am in no ways a professional editor or a journalist; I'm just an experienced writer striving to become an accomplished author, or something.

-- To go off that, I may reference an important news bit without hyperlinking to any one particular source. I do my research and fact-check to the max, but if I were to realize I made an error or if someone points it out to me, I may or may not make edits without any announcement or making note of it within the original post.

-- I am usually pretty good at this, but sometimes I forget to give photo/video credit to the original source within a blog entry. This is not by any means intentional; just send me an e-mail and I will happily attribute your name/site info or remove it as per your request(s). Peace and Love everyone!

-- I am lucky enough to receive perks from productions and/or Advertising/Marketing/PR companies, from special event invites to complimentary tickets. In that case, in order to oblige all standards and ethics by the FTC, a notation will be made at the end of the blog entry, if not somewhere in the body of the article (i.e "I was invited to this blogger event" or "I received complimentary tickets to this production"). Rest assured, any analysis or critiques of a show in question will remain unbiased...no one puts NRNW in the corner and silence is many things, but not golden (ESPECIALLY here at NRNW Central).