About NRNW

Well, an "About Me' page is important (or so I've been told)...so here it goes!

My name is Alex and I am currently 27 years old and pursuing a career in public relations in New York. An avid interest in social media led me to operating a personal blog on Blogger. Originally, entries consisted on any of the following: public relations, social media, knitting, food, television, movies and yes, a little bit of theater. After 16 months, 120 entries and over 20,000 page views, the blog became exclusively devoted to theater (and theater in the news and on television) as it tended to draw the best responses. As the readership continued to grow, the "Not Right Never Wrong" blogging became a more expanded passion project and has taken me to here...right now, this very moment you are reading this.

The "Not Right Never Wrong" branding, or "NRNW," comes from the simplest of human engagements. The "Not Right" portion refers to me openly admitting that...well, these are my opinions, observations and thoughts. By no means is it the "be all, end all" of theater discussion or does it suggest in anyway that my word is king. This is simply a venue for me to talk about shows, performers and such, what I liked/disliked and a couple of things that might interest you or you may not know about.

However, as the "Never Wrong" portion indicates, I am seldom one to let my thoughts and research go undefended. I like initiating (or adding to) discussion and taking a stance as needed. I welcome anyone to respectfully engage me in conversation, especially if my writing is the impetus. When combined with "Not Right," the essence of the "Never Wrong" can be summed up as "My writing is my own and coming from a perfectly flawed individual writing as seen fit. However...that does not mean I am wrong nor that I won't defend myself. Bring it on!"

Was that a little too much for an 'About Me" section? Does constantly referencing the "About Me" section in the "About Me" section make it meta? However it goes, thank you for reading and for checking out my website. I am flattered and you are welcome to "Like" or write on my Facebook Wall, tweet me on the Twitter, follow me on Tumblr and/or Pinterest. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail here if that is more your style. I guess my point is...check in from time to time; it is just not as fun without you!

- Alex (NRNW Founder/Owner/Writer/Everything/Backslash User)