Here's an Important Video of George Salazar SLAYING "Michael in the Bathroom"

After seeing Be More Chill's debut last June - and singing the praises of George Salazar's flawless performance ever since - I have been fingers-crossed, wishing to Godra that one day, a high-quality video of George singing "Michael in the Bathroom" would pop up on the Internet. It was/is my favorite song from the show - an Act II show-stopper that is incredibly relatable and filled to the brim with teen/young-adult feelz - and George performed THE FUCK out of the number in such a fashion that seems insurmountable to surpass by this point. 

As it turns out, a few months after the Be More Chill cast album concert (which, by the way, it is a great cast album and I recommend adding it to your music library), George jetted back to Feinstein's/54 Below yesterday to help his pal, Be More Chill composer Joe Iconis, promote an upcoming engagement(s). He took the mic for another rendition of "Michael in the Bathroom"...anddddd (about 2:46 in)...

Joe Iconis & George Salazar Perform at Feinstein's/54 Below Pr...Joe Iconis and George Salazar
Posted by Feinstein’s/54 Below on Thursday, April 7, 2016



Oh, and steer clear of all that SLAYAGE, you don't want to trip and hurt yourself.

Even without the costuming, production values or even a full orchestra like performances past...George managed to turn this little press event into a showcase for his ever-increasing, no-holds-barred talent. And that's saying something because, I think, Lea Salonga took the stage some time after and my train of thought couldn't even budge from finally - FINALLY - having (high-quality) video evidence of George owning this song and then some. All my family, friends, fellow theatre lovers, co-workers, neighbors, random people passing by...ready yourselves. I will share this video with you and talk about it for several minutes hours afterwards. Rest assured, I mean it - I'm not in the general vicinity of fucking around here. Just like George's performance itself!

Mr. Salazar, Sweetie...here's me hoping people have been taking notice of your killer voice and acting and start casting you in, like, everything everywhere. And if Be More Chill has an upcoming New York production (Theatre-verse? I'm waiting), I'm certain you will reprise your role, bring the house down many times a week and proceed to get nominated for all the awards. After pouring your body/soul into this rendition(s), you certainly deserve that much.

Video Credit: Feinstein's/54 Below on Facebook

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