Stop Everything, Jeremy Jordan Singing Celine Dion Wins All of the Awards

Last Friday night, I was at a little concert called "Broadway Loves Celine Dion," produced and arranged by Benjamin Rauhala, at 54 Below. Except, as it turns out, it was not so little. Ohhhhhh no. Hand Celine songs to a bunch of theatre folk and the proverbial roof cannot crash anymore even if it wanted to.

One of the highlights of the evening? This fine specimen, known as the Jeremy Jordan, singing "It's All Coming Back to Me Now." And by "singing," I mean "OHMYGAWD AMAZEBALLZ SLAYYYYYYYYYYING." There is video of this epic performance, which I think just won 2015 even though we are only like two weeks into it. Without evidence to share with my friends, I would have gone on thinking that this was one imagined, fucked-up fever dream.

Actually, it still kind of was because LOOK!


That...happened. Like, that really happened. We are all witnesses now.

You want to know why I am less interested in Finding Neverland since the Broadway cast was announced sans Jordan? Because THIS GUY is a charismatic dynamo and can divo-blast a Celine Dion number without breaking a sweat. Plus, look at how much fun he is having...don't even try to convince me that his energy is not infectious. It's Neverland's lost if you ask me and thankfully, it doesn't look like Jordan's career will slow down, anytime soon.

So yeah, awesome concert overall. As a long-time Celine Dion lover, it was a particularly special occasion. And who doesn't love having YouTube videos of such talented mofos (which was pretty much everyone on tap for the occasion). You just can't unsee or unremember some things, darlings. And in this case, why would you want to?!

Video Credit: FamousInNY

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