Bedlam Repertory Productions Giveaway

So, productions in repertory are a thing or on the verge of becoming a thing now. But not like any old fad in theater because all the repertory productions I’ve seen - Twelfth Night/Richard III and No Man’s Land/Waiting for Godot - are top-notch. Those talented bitches are up on their thrones (in the cases of Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, that might be happening literally) with their multiple shows looking down on us common folk whom can’t even remember our plans for the weekend.

Another two productions in repertory are going on downtown at the Lynn Regrave Theater - Bedlam’s Hamlet and Saint Joan. Both productions, directed by Eric Tucker, feature the same four-person cast playing all the roles. Yep. All of them. Clearly, these crazies looked at Alan Cumming’s Macbeth and the aforementioned repertory productions and raised them both with their own agenda. “Two shows, over 50 roles, just the four of us…BRING. IT. ON. BITCHES”

Oh, the theatre. Keeps pushing its boundaries with a feral-like tenacity. Gotta love it.

We here at NRNW Headquarters have the hook-up for a giveaway - a pair of tickets to each Bedlam production. You know you want to win and all you have to do is follow me on Twitter at @NRNWTheater and tweet or retweet the following:

Hamlet, Saint Joan and a cast of 4 playing all 50+ roles in repertory. Follow @NRNWTheater & RT to win 2 tickets to each @TheatreBedlam show

You have until Thursday night at midnight to enter. I will select one winner at random out of all the entries and list him/her here and on Twitter. Good luck! And remember - actors: they are just like us normal folk! Unless they are doing productions in repertory; that is some super human craft right there.

EDIT: This contest has met its timely completion - congrats to @Movidude74! E-mail me here to claim your prize. Thank you to everyone that entered and hello new followers! Stick around for a while and let's chat all things theatre!

Photo Credit: ArtAndCultureMaven.com

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