4 Skylartastic Moments in the Series Premiere of "Ground Floor"

Ovary destroyer and singing, boy-next-door of our dreams, Skylar Astin, has the lead in a new TBS “comedy” (using that term loosely) called Ground Floor. The first two episodes debuted last night and they ranged from bland to downright mediocre. But Skylar Astin is in it, playing a not-your-average douchey finance guy named Brody, whom attempts to court a girl from his company that is lower then him in career and status. You know what that means...I’ll be watching every episode three or seven times. Now consider the following moments of Skylartastic orgasmness that will send you straight to your DVR while we eagerly await for the next Pitch Perfect film.

- There are at least two scenes that has Skylar shaking his moneymaker. A fact that none of us will be complaining about and one that will have us checking Tumblr for the GIFs. Don’t disappoint us Internet; you have a job to do.

- Just in case you fall backwards in time when you actually played Yahtzee, let me warn you - you will never look at that game the same way again. During sex romps, Brody yells out “Yahtzee!" because it turns him on. I’ve always been more of an Apples-to-Apples loyalist, but for the sake of instigating Skylar Astin to climax, I’ll be easily persuaded.

- Brody goes on this long-winded diatribe where he inadvertently revealed that he got drunk on tequila, wound up naked and, according to his mother, ruined Christmas. Umm, excuse me Mrs. Brody’s Mom…I believe I speak for the rest of the world when I say we would blow Santa ourselves if it means having a drunk, naked Skylar Astin within a several mile radius of our vicinities. But I digress.

- As if Skylar’s face in a medium-close up didn’t have us powdering our crotches already, he sang some bars of Elton John’s “Your Song.” As of 10:33pm last night, my fallopian tubes have been experiencing massive back-up. Because that moment happened and I can’t unsee it or unhear it. And quite frankly, I don’t want to. It is most-definitely not my alarm or ringtone or anything.

Photo Credit: MCT

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