Cutting Loose at The Orion Experience

We've all been there. You have already seen your second show of the weekend and are potentially rushing/lottoing/TKTS-ing a Saturday evening show because duh. But as patrons of Manhattan - with something to do around on every block - you think, "shouldn't I go out dancing with my friends one of these nights?"

Not that this is some sort of epic struggle, but The Orion Experience, playing its final performances at the XL Nightclub this weekend, is a resolution to the "conflict." Basically, combine the experience of live theater with a dance/nightclub atmosphere. And I mean that literally. The story is a throwback to, like, space adventures of the seventies and eighties and features an original score that echo techno dance jams that one might have on his/her workout playlist.

And sure, okay, the runthrough is kind of an afterthought and you really can't be bothered to actually...you know, hear the dialogue or lyrics. Or get invested in the...something something galaxy something something. But who cares - its all about cutting loose on the dance floor with some mild theater unfolding along the way, thanks to a few televisions displaying graphics of 'Space' and planets and forests. Also, the band of musicians double as the actors/back-up dancers/trapeze artists wearing form-fitting space fetish gear. Happy Weekend Everyone - you know why you showed up!

And it is FUN, you guys. I didn't go full out twerking what with trying to take in all of the imagery and moving set pieces. I have this fear of knocking over the actors/production staffers while they perform. I know they are trained to improvise - and by all means, this wasn't masterpiece theater - but I was perfectly fine not messing things up and doing my shoulder shimmies and head-bopping, "dance-in-one-place" sorta thing.

And quite frankly, there are just some moments you can't unsee and you don't even want to. When the space troop lands on a planet, the television screens play a reel where a sketchily-drawn cartoon bird get zapped with a laser. I could have been dehydrated from the few minutes of dancing that already took place or disoriented from the strobe lights and neon lights and fog...but that moment was marvelous. I didn't realize how much I wanted to see a bird get zapped by a laser...until I saw a bird get zapped by a laser. And now, every day I don't witness such a sight is a failure by comparison.

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Video Credit: TheOrionExperience

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