Oh, You Know…"Potted Potter" is Back and All is Right in the World

I just can't you guys…I LOVE this show.

After wrapping up its original run this past Fall and hitting the road all over the country, Potted Potter has returned and re-opened last night at the Little Shubert Theater. Food has flavor again y'all!

I've lost count regarding how many times I have seen the show (actually, not really - four times in total). And most of the reasons stem from me bringing my "Harry Potter" adoring friends, an accomplished feat considering (1) despite maybe two or three exceptions, I don't like seeing a show more then twice and (2) some of my friends aren't all that into theater. Yes, I have non-theater friends y'all….the whole three of them.

Much like how the Wizarding World of Harry Potter beckons a pilgrimage at least one time in any "Harry Potter" lovers life, I would add Potted Potter to that list as well. This parody is too darn-funny and way more clever then it has any right to be. 

And I don't care what anyone says, the faux-Quidditch audience game with the beach ball and the two children seekers tackling a grown man in a golden snitch costume is one of the most surprisingly fun, laugh-out-loud hilarious and epic moments of theater that I have seen in the history of forever. I love me some Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike and The Assembled Parties for their dark comedy, dry-wit moments (hence, my two favorite plays this year)…but there is something to be said for executing hijinx and improv to perfection.

And on hand are Jeff Turner and Dan Clarkson, a comedic duo like no other. So funny are these two, I'm surprised that haven't been tapped to write and star in some televised sitcom or mocumentary - where are all the TV executives at? Watching them work off each other and be so quick with their line delivery is a masterclass. And with so much of the show contingent on audience interaction and working off of little tykes, it is one hell of a burden they carry and they handle it like consummate pros.

See it, enjoy it and love it people...Potted Potter is back for the summer and while we may mourn several shows closing up shop soon from their limited runs (or for any of the other reasons), we can count on this show serving up loads of entertainment. Again. And again. And again.

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Photo Credit: Brian Friedman

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