The Jekyll and Hyde Drinking Game Because Of Course

In honor of the revival of Frank Wildhorn's Jekyll & Hyde opening tonight, I feel it is best that this unique snowflake of a show has its own drinking game to kick up the proceedings even more. Don't act like you haven't thought about it; a drinking game may as well be a staple of the show. The Marquis Theater would make a killing selling alcohol in little beaker/test tubes to correspond with each rule.

With that, let's get this epic drinkfest started!

Sip your drink when...
-- Hyde comes out to fu** shit up play
-- 4 key changes happen amidst a song because that is consistent
-- Jekyll/Hyde sings about being alive or feeling alive
-- The contents in a test tube changes color for no reason at all
-- Lucy is on the verge of a nip slip or wardrobe malfunction
-- An utterly repetitive or superfluous song begins
-- Hyde whips his hair back and forth
-- A song lyric is so clunky, you burst out laughing
-- The transition from an epic belting number follows suit with a "sunshine in the meadows" orchestration and stage transition
-- A moment's Frank Wildhorn-ness is too much to handle and you fist pump at the flaming awesomely terrible

Chug your drink when...
-- Lucy almost trips on a rope or something else on stage that clearly shouldn't be there as it impedes her sexiness and/or vulnerability
-- Fog appears even though a scene is taking place indoors
-- Lucy is singing about her feels or longing for love when she should be getting the fu** out of dodge
-- The table of chemicals rises above the stage like its time to start defying gravity

And if you are still conscious and not suffering from liver failure, finish your drink when...
-- "Another' is rhymed with 'other' (no seriously, that actually happens)
-- When the graphic image of Jekyll/Hyde - which looks like a a hair band rocker from Guitar Hero - engages in a belt-your-face-off with the actual Jekyll/Hyde

Photo Credit: Louis DeLuca for DallasNews.com

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LavenderMintRose said...

This is really funny! Ahhh, Frank Wildhorn...

Um, I have a question, though... your RSS feed link doesn't seem to be working? Or at least I can't subscribe with Feedly... I'd like to subscribe, though ^_^;

I found your blog from your friend Courtney who I met at Tribeca Film festival, btw.