Glee 4x16 "Feud"

Maybe because Smash's second season is turning out to be a bust (and now its pending cancellation given the shift to Saturday airings a.k.a television guillotine), but Glee has been looking good lately. By comparison or not, trust Glee to bring it when its back is up against a wall (or when its writers lay off the acid). Last week has a whole bunch of great numbers inspired by iconic music/scores from movies and this week, the great performances continued.

Good. Interesting direction.

An interesting pairing, a lot of energy.

Shut it, the eff, down. Santana has also been on her game lately with another episode of funny one-liners. Kudos to Naya Rivera and the writers for convincing me that her reintegration into the story was a good idea.

Not the best mash-up vocally, but a great music arrangement and some impressive choreography with the puppetry. I'm a boy band 90's kid, so i am prone to enjyoing this number on that aspect alone. At least it was fun, no?

Over-the-top and bonkers and I love it. That was mostly due to the costumes and lighting, but Jane Lynch's also made a sizable contribution with her take on Nicki Minaj. Watching Darren Criss realize he is losing and scrambling to come out on top was pretty hilarious...like those moments during the "Lipsynch for your Life" elimination round on Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Not my favorite of the night, but kind-of charming and harmless.

Plot and storyline are mostly inoffensive and besides, I was more excited about seeing the Glee folk get their performance on. Schu is still upset at Finn? I guess. Ryder and his brewing Catfish girlfriend? Okay then. Blaine (and Blaine's ass, evidently) infiltrating the Cheerios? Sure. Brody's prostitution (just go with it) leading to Finn showing up and them brawling? Why not. Everyone accepts each other and peace and love? A tale as old as time itself.

But a fun episode overall that made me perk up from my writing/computer and chuckle at some of the jokes (mostly at poor Tina's expense)...what more could you ask for?

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