Glee 4x13 "Diva"

And I am at a loss of words...for good and bad reasons.

Well, I do know one thing...I can't hate an episode of Glee that manages to make a Sarah Brightman reference and then proceeds to a music fight club diva off. What's not to love there?

This was pretty stellar, I have to admit. Although maybe I am responding more positively to this rendition of "Bring Him Home" having just sat through Hugh Jackman's overly bombastic version in the film. Either way, a well-sung Broadway number that found both performers meeting each other on the same level vocally. And that's really saying something....try as the fandom might convince me otherwise, Chris Colfer's voice, bless his heart, never really held a candle to Lea Michele's.

But no, the musical fight club was a perfectly fine diversion. What baffled me was Santana's (now seemingly permanent) re-integration back into the cast. Sure, of any of the non-New York bound graduates, less Finn, she has made more appearances compared to, say, Quinn, Mike or Mercedes. But the more and more I hear about Ryan Murphy and the graduates and life after New Directions blah blah blah, the more it seems he's using this season to trim the cast down to only his teacher's pet actors or, at least, the fan favorite ones that can't be ignored {Rachel, Kurt, Finn, Blaine, Santana}. Fine - by all means, I have been arguing for years to trim the fat and shift off the dead weight. But there's a difference between writing off the awful Kitty (whom I'll admit, has been toned down) or the mind-numbingly boring Jake, and writing off present and past characters, without so much as an explanation, that have made legitimate contributions to the show (or just never had the chance to i.e Joe).

Anyways, onwards with the Naya Rivera show...

Enh, just okay. "Make No Mistake, She's Mine" was slightly better, if only because it shows that Barbra isn't just for Rachel and Kurt.

Ah, there's our girl. Brought it! And despite my many reservations, I remain impressed with how spot-on some of the song and singer pairings have been as of late.

To add to that...

I would never have thought that Darren Criss could work a Queen pastiche, but this turned out to be pretty great. And we have the bonus of Darren's face exploding with all of the feelz of the world, like the glorious pixie that he is. Regardless, the number was fun and charismatic (also, Blaine's outfit was downright covetable).

And this whole plot officially crossed over into "gift that keeps on giving" territory.

Am I wrong? Let's talk this out...Tina's crushing on Blaine has reached the point where they hang out on Blaine's bed and Tina professes her love to him while suggesting the idea of a sexless marriage. Meanwhile, Blaine crashes due to his cold (how convenient!) to which Tina responds by mounting him (no joke, I thought she was going to cowgirl rape him). 

Blaine stole that from my
closet. How dare he?
As if that wasn't enough, Tina slowly unbuttons Blaine's shirt revealing a strip of cleavage and proceeds to rub Vaporub on his chest as tears roll down her face. The next day, Blaine has no recollection of this at all and Tina responds by doing a fun version of "Hung Up" (also, one of my favorite Madonna numbers) on Blaine's home turf...the student commons.

Emmy Awards? All of them for this unintentionally hilarious, craptastic plot. At first I thought I was just in love with the idea of Jenna Ushkowitz actually having something to do, but now I think Ryan Murphy should just have a spinoff show with Blaine and Tina. I'd watch the hell out of that - "see Blaine go around fabulously dressed, performing his perky gay ass off and spooning with men all over the world. Watch Tina NOT get the hint and relentlessly pursue the idea of sexless marrying Blaine. Upon constant rejection night after night, she mounts him and 'grazes' him, but in a safe non-predatory way as she silently weeps, yet remains hopeful that one day, he will come around. He never does...and the cycle repeats."

Television producers? Trust me.

One last bit that is bound to be discussed: the Emma/Finn kiss. I think we've all been there...remember that time you graduated from high school and joined the military? And then you were discharged and walked around God knows where for weeks on end and then end up breaking up with your New York fiance-ish/girlfriend a day or so after reuniting. So you come back home and take over the glee club for your favorite teacher whom you also happen to be the best man at his wedding. And then you kiss his OCD fiance just to...what, calm her down?

Yeah, totally normal. Another Emmy for the cracktastic.

I really don't mind the episodes like this, though. I can take these bits of Tina fawning over Blaine and Finn and Emma kissing for the soap opera-ish fluff they are. In fact - and this is pretty much my long-running defense of the last few episodes - with Kitty marginalized on the bitch front and Marley's bulemia (and Ryder's dyslexia that was mentioned once and never brought up again) minimized, at least Glee doesn't aggressively suck to where the show's enjoyable moments - like some of the music numbers from this episode - don't become corroded. Faint praise at best, but hey...what can you do?

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