Glee 4x12 "Naked"


That "ouch" is reserved for my massive headache trying to process, arguably, the most messy episode of Glee in a long time. I suppose that I should be grateful that the episode was not interminably boring or a complete bust, but I went back and forth between *aggressive eyerolling* to "What the EFF" to "hey, that was awesome" to "HOLY SUPERFLUOUS BATMAN."

Ouch. It still hurts.

No seriously...there was a lot going on. "Fondue for Two" is back, for some reason, and it was totally not-at-all random with Brittany instigating Marley to profess her love for Jake. That random newscaster, whom I can't even remember her name, going all batshit live on-air? Totally normal. And Emma is back...kind of yay? Or was she always there? I feel like she hasn't been on the show in months several episodes. As far as raising money for Regionals, how do you go from "bake sale" to "let's get our men topless?" Quinn and Santana popping up out of nowhere in New York and joining in on a completely ill-fitting song?

Let's just move on to the music because once it was established that the Warblers have been disqualified, the rest of the episode split its time between heavy handed perspectives on nudity in the entertainment industry (or nudity in general), not-so-subtle pandering, fan service and a whole bunch of blah.

But at least Rachel has a return to form.

This was SORELY needed and definitely an episode highlight. Rachel Berry's reverse bleed into Lea Michele happened in, like, 5 minutes with no explanation. The moment season four opened, her behavior was completely unrecognizable and her outfits were New York-approved levels of chic-tastic. It was actually pretty irritating that she was never called out on it prior to this episode. 

Having the writing address this fact openly, starting off with Kurt bitching her out and then moving on to the appearance of Rachel's old form, was a stroke of genius. And love her or hate her, there is no denying that Michele's voice is versatile enough to pull off a lot of different eras of pop. Girl can carry a tune, what can I say? Also, kudos to whomever chose "Torn," as it was a pretty unexpected, yet fitting song choice, and also to the editors, who went to town on this sequence.

Yeah, this was most certainly a WTF moment. Those songs don't mesh well together at all (seriously, that was awful) and the choreography was like special needs "Cirque de Soleil" on valium.

Nothing better represents Ryan Murphy's penchant for making money rain on his wallet then including a song from a Twilight soundtrack no more then fifteen minutes after he slammed the franchise. You bitch.

Anyways, this is a pretty song just adequately performed enough to avoid boringtown. Try as he might, Jacob Artist's voice does not hold a candle to Steve Kazee's.

I think this song was going for something like last season's fantastic cover of David Guetta's "Without You," what with the tempo of the original dance version slowed down. But "Let Me Love You" does not have that type of emotion with the same style of arrangement and Artist, yet again, underwhelms. In this case, he can't find any depth or power vocally.

RANDOM OUT-OF-SCENE SONG, for some reason. Like I said, superfluous. Aggressively superfluous. So superfluous, I want to punt a bunny.

I actually went to adjust my computer monitor, but by the time Darren Criss began his solo, I realized the cinematography was intentional and an inspired choice. Also, the song was straight-up amazing. Divvying up solos for upbeat, fun songs is a well they should visit more often - just look at how well they have done with this number and "Some Nights."

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