Glee 4x11 Sadie Hawkins

Oh, this is about to be a "Oh Glee, I wish I knew how to quite you" post. Because I thought I was going to be pretty checked out of the show and with the second season of Smash approaching, I can get my TV musical fix elsewhere (in case your wondering, I have not seen any of Nashville - I hear it is decent though, so it rests safely in my queue).

Anyways, back to Glee...this was kind of a surprising episode. Like, good surprising. The best episodes are able to combine new plots while developing old ones, advancing character development (even on the most basic level) and finishing it off with some good numbers and laugh-out-loud lines and/or moments. In short, what could have been merely a set-up episode given the return after a hiatus - which wouldn't have been a bad idea, don't get me wrong - we ended up getting a logical follow-up to that really great episode before the Xmas one. Can you say that last night's episode didn't flow well?

And even though every music number was not stellar (actually, most weren't), the script was on the better side. And how often have I ever said that about the show? Once Side Show and Raul Esparza references came up, I was sold for all the right reasons. Numbers and stories? Report for duty.

I don't care if the season is barely half over, this is, by far, one of the best things Glee has ever done. Once I got over the shock that Tina was actually doing something, you know, relevant (I'm still pretending "Gangnam Style" never happened), I started laughing my face off when the montage kicked in. Her voice was perfectly suited for that song and made me forget I dislike Jesus Christ Superstar.

This new ship BFF pairing was effective and as a flamboyant male with an Asian BFF (Hi Amylin!), I can appreciate this. We got some sweet moments and a sense of real camaraderie, plus, the reveal that Blaine likes Sam adds another dimension to it. And I am normally not one for all of these romantic triangles and quadrilaterals, because this show already has way too many characters and relationships and breakups. But how often do you see one gay couple split up and the one in New York starts pining for an older classmate, while the other begins crushing on his straight best friend (who's in a relationship) while his Asian BFF crushes on him? Cray cray and soap-opera levels of camp. Say what you will, it wasn't boring and Darren Criss and Jenna Ushkowitz looked cute at the dance.


Okay, I'm bored. With all of it. Puck getting involved with Kitt- zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Marley doing somet-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And I don't care what anyones says, I think "Locked Out of Heaven" is a pretty awful song, no matter who sings it.

But this was fun. I'm not ashamed to admit this is one of my favorite late-90's pop songs. I was singing along with the guys and their choreography was appropriately pandering in an eye-rolling kind of funny way.

You can tell Adam Anders and the music production team had a lot of fun with this one. And why wouldn't they? A reggae-sounding version of "Baby Got Back"...the jokes write themselves. The whole thing landed for the most part, even on the grounds of, "is this really HAPPENING? What the...I can't even" level.

And let's give a round of applause for my (not-so-secret anymore) favorite character and, I'm sure, the real genius behind Glee...Trent. Since the Warblers introduction in season two, he mostly just wafted in the background, only piping in a line on a good day. But when he yelled out "IT'S A KANGEROO COURT" during some Warblers insanity - I forget exactly when and what it was - I became an instant fan. As far as his scene last night, it was a very subdued "Fu** Yeah" moment for the ages...well, at least for those that love Trent.

The Warbler on roid range and those hazy fade-ins regarding the drug-using portion combined to make one funny sequence. It also managed to bring the plot forward to what we all saw coming - the New Directions are back in the game. But in the big picture - and the reason why I liked this episode far more then I thought it would - it was a rare hour when all bets were off and they didn't take themselves too seriously. More please...

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