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Look, Glee may have it off days and its...even more off days, but it introduced to us some Chris Colfer and we can never get enough of him. Amiright? Personally, I adore the man as both an actor and a person, especially the latter with his funny bon mots, eccentric Halloween costumes and his existence in general. Just to let you know, we would make great besties.

I feel you Chris, I feel you...

And MAN, can that boy write. His passion piece, Struck by Lightning, debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival last April. I caught a screening there and loved the hell out of the film - so let me hit you with some points as to why you should download the film today online (iTunes, Amazon and the like) or just go see it when it drops in theaters come January 11th.

Wait, did Chris Colfer just die? - Yeah, Colfer's character, Carson, dies via a lightning strike. And it happens pretty suddenly too, like, in the first minute or so. That's because the rest of the movie is told via a flashback taking the audience right up to the moment of impact and then some...woah.

So is this a memoir or... - Numerous interviews and press appearances pretty much reinforce the idea that this is some dramatic retelling of Chris' high school experience. Not so much him as a gay teenager (Carson's sexuality is, intentionally I imagine, not exactly defined), but moreso the existence of this unique, post-modern individual in a social hierarchy that has yet to find a place for him. I didn't make this reference at the time, but Carson is basically a more modern version of Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, with slightly less mental instability.

Oh girl, I can relate. - Of the many reasons why this movie works, its mostly because of Colfer's screenplay and the depiction of Carson. Because he is the quintessential post-modern outcast with big ambitions, a sarcastic wit and a knowledge complex exceeding his age. Hey, that reminds me of a certain theater-blogging individual...

I actually tweeted something enthusiatically after seeing the film - something to the extent of how I can identify a lot with Carson. Sure, I may have never blackmailed the student body for our own personal gain - which is mostly the plot of the film - but his flaws, his perspective, his vicious wit...it was like watching me up on the big screen. Except I don't have flawless skin or look like a porcelain figure.

And the Academy Award goes to... - Among the cast, Allison Janney plays Colfer's drug-consuming, alcoholic mother. You guys, the lady is flawless. This is no surprise as she has built up an entire career of amazing lead and supporting turns across all mediums, but her final scene when she breaks down on the phone is easily a career-best from her and one of the most emotional scenes of the film.

Wait, Rebel Wilson is not playing herself? - This is a better representation of what she is capable of when she is...you know, an actual character (in this case, Carson's closest friend). Because she tends to play herself. A lot. Not here, she's just as memorable for her drama as well as her comedy. And yes, she gets the funniest line ("Gonna spread that shit like Nutella") in a film that is chock full of them.

Did someone say Draco Malfoy? - Another theater-ey presence comes in the form of Lauren Lopez. You may know her from all of those Starkid productions, most notably, Draco Malfoy in A Very Potter Musical and its sequels (for which she is awesome). Her cameo in the film is only a minute if I recall correctly, but it's fun to acknowledge her after having watched her on YouTube endlessly.

Overall, Struck by Lightning really is such a sweet and earnest coming-of-age story featuring a complex lead character.  What more could you ask from a film? The fact that it came from Chris Colfer only sweetens the deal. By this point, there is nothing that he can do that I probably won't like. He could set a nursery of babies on fire and I'd probably just toss my hair back with an, "Oh Chris, you arsonist minx."

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