Out You Go 2012 - 6 New Additions to My (Evergrowing) Fangasm List

As 2012 is days away from completion, I here at NRNW Central am reflecting. A lot. I already feel the nostalgia coming on from all of the spectacular moments we'll carry with us into the upcoming 2013 year and then some.

So, where to begin...how about a random collection of performers that I added to my lists of things to google, twitter and YouTube at 2:00 in the morning? I bet they are so honored right now...they beat out tens and tens of other people that took to to the New York stage.

Adam Chanler-Berat

This may surprise some people - especially the hordes of Next to Normal and Rent fans that will surely want my head - but Adam never really did anything for me. Nothing against the guy, but Next to Normal was fantastic for the central characters (and the actors who played them), not for the 'meh' Henry.

Enter 2012, where Adam, like a boss, pretty much took over. A star turn in Peter and the Starcatcher, which might I add, the last time I saw the show, he had me hanging on every last word and welling up with tears and feelz. Add to that his non-existent waist (that skinny bitch), his sarcastic sense of humor and gentle demeanor (akin to a very cuddly kitten), his Broadway.com vlogging of adorbsness...yeah, I'm sold on the entire ACB package, all 50 pounds of him.

Alex Wyse

Yes, I saw (and liked) Lysistrata Jones, but it was Triassic Parq when Alex's whirling dervish of fabulosity really caught my attention. Because duh, he brought it like he was in the market for a billionaire husband. And have you checked out the guy's Twitter feed lately? I feel like forwarding it to a television producer and saying, "here's your next big comedy hit." I envision it staged like "Oprah's Life Class," except more random and campier.

Cory Michael Smith

Where did this guy come from? After a matter of months, I feel like he burst on to the theater scene as one of the top actors of the year with a great performance in Cock and an amazing supporting turn in The Whale, the latter of which he was laugh-out-loud hilarious simply just for reacting to all of the shenanigans going around him. Throw in some presh camera mugging in his behind-the-scenes videos that he shot and we have one really cute and really charismatic gent. He'll be making his Broadway debut this spring in Breakfast at Tiffanys and I already selected the knife I'll be using to cut bitches left and right for a front-row seat.

Betsy Wolfe

I always had a raised awareness for Ms. Betsy (c'mon, she was in Everyday Rapture, it was kind of hard not to notice her), but you know lady had herself a great year. She kicked it off as Beth in Merrily We Roll Along and just racked it up from there - a strong presence in 35 MM, a wonderful performance in The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which bears repeating, is an accomplished feat considering every performance in that show is top-tier. Thankfully, the universe knows a diamond when it sees one because our girl got cast in the upcoming off-Broadway revival of Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years, a casting decision that can only bring good things to the human race. So pretty is Wolfe's singing voice, it reminds me why hearing was invented. Or something like that.

Nina Arianda

Bowing the eff down...as I'm one to do at the mention or even the thought of Ms. Nina Arianda. Oh, what's not to love readers? She's gorgeous, absurdly talented - her performance in Venus in Fur was beast-like and awesomesauce - and she seems so darling and chillaxed to boot. I want to share a salad with her and toss our hair. And then go shopping.

As if her on-stage antics weren't enough - and they aren't if you are Nina Arianda - girlfriend gave one of the most unintentionally hilarious Tony-acceptance speeches (damn straight!), looked stunning and now, is slated for some big-time projects. Girl just can't help but shut it down wherever she goes...she literally is fabulosity in human form.

Derek Klena

Well, has this guy made a sizable impression in the last year or what? I'm calling it now...it's only a matter of time until Mr. Klena has his "Jeremy Jordan" year and scoops up the panty-dropping, dashing male leads. Hell, he kind of already did with Dogfight. He can sing all pretty-like a la "Dreamer in Disguise," but the dude can also belt like his life depended on it. Hand him an Act I closing ballad or an 11:00 number and we'll all be mopping up our downstairs regions before resuming the rest of the day.

For me though, launching a full-scale background check digging into his past has revealed many other gems. And isn't that what it is all about? Knowing that our Broadway talents of today were kicking ass before they took center stage. While YouTube is playing house to Klena's voice on a variety of songs - from Catch Me If You Can's "Goodbye" to a duet of "Don't Do Sadness" with his sister Lauren - it's this random school election video, with Klena clad in a Superman costume, that makes me think he is one awesome dude. Anyone willing to ham up the camp and be a big goofball is A-Ok with me, especially when they look like that. Does anyone know what he does with his hair to make it so divine? Does he wash it with Unicorn tears? The funny thing is, his hair is just one part of the many areas he excels at...and they say, "you can't have it all." Yeah, good one...

Video Credits: Broadway.com, Alwy15, Playwrights Horizons, FamousInNY, Official Tony Awards, DreamCassell

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