Glee 4x07 "Dynamic Duets"

This would be the part when I give some (vague) report about what I thought about the episode. Not today – I’m gonna start off with a performance and ramble for a bit.

First and foremost, I loved it and that has been a rare sight this season. It helps that “Some Nights” is actually a great song to begin with, but the choreography was fun and the solo scatter was long overdue.

But full disclosure, I hated that I loved this performance. Everytime they reach-in for another chart-topper, all I can hear are the cha-chings of Ryan Murphy padding his piggy bank. And we’re getting a lot of them this season, might I add. The fact that they are doing “Gangnam Style” next week is making me nauseous.

Stylistically speaking, the red shirts and jeans was a direct callback to their show-launching rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin” and I thought that association was a huge misfire. DSB was phenomenal because it was outcasts and people of different cliques banding together for the first time to sing their hearts out. And now…well, we have Marley, the insecure bulimic, Ryder, the dyslexic, Jake, the mixed race guy (evidently), and Kitty, who needs to be fed to live piranhas the raging c-word. Same idea...but not really.

I’m sorry; but this has been a long-running criticism of the season. It doesn’t bother me that a new cast was brought in – in fact, that was to be expected – but the show itself doesn’t really like its new characters. Less the Grease pastiche – which I have to admit, Blake Jenner and Melissa Benoist were perfect for – these characters have brought nothing to the table except steer the show right into a brick wall, over and over again. And when the show doesn’t like its characters, how are we expected to?

I don’t know what to make of Ryder’s dyslexia storyline - maybe they’ll surprise me – but I know I am not excited. Marley’s bulimia one is hideous and sinking the show and we have Kitty to thank for that. Writers, get rid of her – any amount of quality the show brings every week gets lost the moment she goes on one of her god-awful tirades.

And HELLO, what about the rest of the cast? What have we learned about Tina this season? Um, she is Asian and a little jealous with her six lines since episode two. As far as Joe, he has hair…that is all I got. Artie likes to direct and Brittany and Sugar are just there. And it is saying something that I miss Sugar considering I couldn’t stand her last year. I’ll take her and her occasional bits of comedy over Marley’s heavy-handed “I need to throw up even though I am a size 4 (if that),” Jake’s utter blandness and Kitty’s general existence.

All of this wouldn’t really matter to me if most of the episode was light-hearted fun and the musical numbers were killer. To be fair, Blaine and Sam’s bromance is sweet, Darren Criss played out his turmoil beautifully and Finn is AWESOME this season. But…well, the Superhero hook gave Finn some nice lines, but no matter the special effects and the comic book transitions, it wasn’t as clever as they thought it was and it wasn’t even CLOSE to being the campy fun it should have been. I thought we would be in for an episode in the “Bad Reputations” mold – nonsensical with too many laugh-out-loud numbers to count. Fail. Fail on all counts.

And maybe I have my claws unsheathed subconsciously, but I think that the most of the numbers have been so aggressively underperformed. The staging in general is a lot better – even if I don’t like the song choices - but when it comes down to it, I’ve only added three or four songs to my iPod this season.

Am I wrong? “Dark Side” was well staged, but I never really liked the Warblers pandering performance style and since Darren Criss’ departure, they never really had a vocal or charismatic powerhouse. “Superman” was lame and obvious, and “Holding On for a Hero” quickly turned into bizarre fetish porn. The David Bowie number was competant and again, well staged, but not exactly download-worthy.

Last thing, I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that I LOVED Nolan Gerard Funk’s Hunter (new Warbler captain). As cliché as the swivel chair and the cat was, it was camptastic fun that the rest of the episode couldn’t even conjure up. Not to mention, his line about not even being a little bi-curious was the only laugh-out-loud moment I have had in a while. 

Look, I’m still with the show. But step it up Glee…there is little evidence that this show should go on past this season right now. I tune in for fun storylines and awesome musical numbers, not for these CW11 drama issues.

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