3 Dorky Theater Things I've Done in the Hurricane Aftermath

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It's been a barren few weeks here at Chez NRNW. A fact only exacerbated thanks to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (for those of you that don't know, NRNW Headquarters is located in Central Long Island). I have it far from the worse, but four days later after Sandy struck and I am still without hot water, electricity and Internet. Not fetch. 

But that is why, as I do in most cases, I turn to theater. Some turn to the drink, others the cocaine...I turn to song-and-dance and diva ballads. As one does or should do. In no particular order and in true form, here's a list of Theater-ey things I have done in the last week to combat the apocalypse that is Hurricane Sandy.

35MM is the Cast Recording of My Life - While always an awesome song cycle/display of musical epicness, the 35MM cast recording has been my go-to on all of my Apple devices. The through-line of edginess, the drama and the somewhat dour exterior on most of Ryan Scott Oliver's songs are the perfect match for my feels as I lay alone in the dark, saddened by my lack of lighting and abridged access to Manhattan. "Leave Luanne" is an amazing song under any context, but it particularly works when you want to GTFO of your house and into a hot shower somewhere.

I'm the Male Fantine...Mantine! - So, Fantine's death in Les Miserables is like my favorite thing ever. First off - and I know a lot of you ladies will hate me for this - I love consumption; it makes for an awesome plot twist and loads of melodrama. There, I said it; deal with it. Anyways, every time I go to lay down, I am in full-on "Fantine's Death" acting mode - you know, that weird hybrid of "I think I am dying, but I don't want to admit to that, and I am alive just enough to sing my face off (literally), but I look ill and feel faint. Or something." I've gotten good at that kind of reenactment having done it 30 times this week - watch out Anne Hathaway; consumption-off anyone?!

Wait, who's that in Rent?! - I do love me a fully-charged iPad and amongst the many musicals I have watched, I have enjoyed rediscovering my love for Rent via Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway. You know, that thing every Broadway show should do just as it is on the verge of closing...just because some of us would harbor a Hoarders-esque collection of quality-filmed shows and not these YouTube bootleg clips. Some of the cast during the final batch of performances have kept a flutter post-Bohemia - some dude named Will Chase belting Roger for all he is worth and, of course, the Maureen/Joanne combination of the fabulous Eden Espinosa/Tracie Thoms. My favorite? You know that Asian you cheered for whenever he popped up? It's Telly Leung, one of my top-five favorite Asians of forever and he is flawless in the ensemble. His voice was every bit angelic then as it was on Glee er hem Godspell.

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