8 People that Make "Pitch Perfect" Aca-mazing

After months of waiting, the universe gave us our stylish collegiate acapella farce, Pitch Perfect, a limited release this past weekend. And I was on that like maple syrup. While I anticipated it would be great, I had no idea it would be THAT great. Now expanding into wide release this weekend, I recommend you finish reading this entry and hit up your Fandango as soon as possible. To buoy off of that, here are eight people involved with Pitch Perfect that I am sending air snaps to. As I am one to do.

Kay Cannon and Mickey Rapkin, screenplay and book extraordinaire - Show of hands: anyone familiar with either of these people? I'm just going by IMDB here, full disclosure. But I am prone to loving both of them already for the gem they came up with.

Of the many things to make the hybrid of "movie with music" and "high-camp college comedy" work, adhere to the following: do not take it seriously. You can tell they achieved that and the writers were in and having fun with the joke. Like when Brittany Snow's character starts talking about about her nodes, and some of the characters gasp dramatically or talk about it like it is cancer. The result? Funny in an utter nonsense kind of way. And remember, those are the 'dramatic revelations' of the film.

It really is a surprisingly polished, laugh-out-loud homerun coming from Cannon and Rapkin though. It echoes other of-the-moment music-injected features (Glee, of course), but it feels like a slick, more modern version of a 1980's John Hughes movie. And like the phenominal Easy A, it pays it's respects; portions of Pitch Perfect are an homage to The Breakfast Club's awesomeness. You gotta love that! No, really...it's like a law of, like, life to love everything The Breakfast Club and those that reference it.

Tom Kitt is a God among us - To say that Tom Kitt is having a banner career composing and arranging-wise, especially in the last few years, would be an understatement. I mean, he only won a Tony for Next to Normal. Oh okay, that American Idiot rock opera and Bring It On musical were pretty darn awesomesauce as well.

Considering Pitch Perfect's music is mostly top-40 (some classics are thrown into the mix, don't get me wrong), and retooled and mashed-up for today's generation of music listeners, I found the numbers to be appealing. And that's saying something...this genre of music is not my cup of tea. The riff-off scene, that was teased forever it feels like, is a stunner of charisma and glorious nonsense (in the greatest way possible), thanks to the aca-cray cray, but great music. It doesn't scream out at you like, "This is TOM KITT!" but I see that as a good thing - dude knows how to deliver based on what is called for and deliver he does. Like Dominoes at 3:00 in the morning.

Elizabeth Banks knows what's up - aside from having a bit part as one-half of an acapella commentary team (and nailing it to boot), Banks is also a producer on the film. Given the high quality of the film, I would say she, along with everyone else attached to the project, made plenty of smart decisions. Who knew girlfriend had it in her? And she really was funny with her eight or nine lines - one day, she is going to grow up and star in a Seth Rogen comedy. Oh, right...

Asians to the Dance Floor - With so many comedic lines and acts of physical comedy debauchery, it's hard not to love the entire ensemble. Believe me - EVERYONE is on point.

But the two people I can't stop thinking about that may have been the funniest of them all (totally up for debate), are the two Asians whom I don't even know their names. One is Anna Kendrick's roommate that can cut a bitch with her death stare - seriously, she's serving up ghetto-Asian realness and I found it hilarious. The other is in the all-female acapella; she is wide-eyed, barely speaks above a whisper and was mostly shot as a close-up to annunciate her meek speaking tone. That's all it took for this chick to have me rolling on the floor - that and lines like, "I ate my twin in the womb."

SQUEEEE! Total ship.
Anna Kendrick can get it - I'm one to speak hyperbolically on many an occasion, but I really mean it when I say Kendrick has what it takes to become one of the best actresses of this generation. My witnesses? CampUp in the Air and 50/50. As far as Twilight, that will forever be that one thing not like the others on her film reel. Because that is what Twilight does...it ruins things.

We can add Pitch Perfect to the list because she is fantastic. First off, she looks gorgeous as she is styled with piercings and this edgy, chic appeal. And of course, the gal can act her face off - playing the introverted, "my parents are divorced and I'm affected by it, but I am still driven, witty and likable" kind of girl. Plus, she was my favorite lady voice with how natural, crisp and perfect-pitch (pun not intended) she sounds.

Don't we all want to be Skylar Astin - Screw subtlety, I frikken love Skylar Astin. I don't know at which point I gave him executive-level clearance to my body (you know, just in case he needs it for whatever reason), but I am sure it was some point in-between his spot-on performance as a horny, repressed student in 1890's Germany (Spring Awakening natch) and his hilarious, scene-stealing portrayal of a quasi manic-depressed closeted, theater-loving homosexual who wants to party with Jesus (if you have not seen the camptastic festival that is Hamlet Two, Netflix queue that right now!)

As far as his work in Pitch Perfect...flawless. It helps that his character is fully-realized and is pretty much every nerd/musical gal's dream male interest...even though they don't know it yet. No, really - his character is a great singer, wants to be a movie composer, loves The Breakfast Club and above all, is straight. More of the "Boy Next Door" romantic type - I dig it. But when Astin is singing acapella tracks and dancing and TWERQing, my legs uncrossed themselves. As they should. Because his chemistry and corresponding tension with Kendrick's character is spot-on and as a character in itself, he's wonderful. A cute boy being a cute, singing, panty-dropping flirt - this is very important in our lives right now. You know, top priority along the likes of economic depression, poverty and...crime or something.

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