Things About “Bare” That are Making Me AKHDLKHDKSAJHDALKJBASLKJB

Score one for the disaffected youth of America…Bare is debuting at New World Stages in late-November/early-December and this is the musical event of the season for me. In fact, I almost want to shake my fists in the air that the show is not opening, like, tonight. WHY I OUGHTA…

Oh, but I am stoked lovely reading peoples…here is why:

No High-Profile Debut, No Expectations - Sure, I expect the show to rock of course – that is baked right into the Bare formula - but as far as staging and direction, there is a lot of leeway and freedom to be creative. The show first debuted in California about 12 years ago and did an Off-Broadway run in New York four years later. Other then a slew of regional productions, this show has not “broke that wherewithal wall” sotospeak. Part of the reason this show stuck around is because of its cult following. Intrigue level? At its maximum.

Donyale Werle Succeeds at Life – If you saw Peter and the Starcatcher (which if you haven’t, I judge you. Hard.), Werle’s Tony-winning scenic design achieves a rare feat: it manages to effortlessly combine an appropo stage design for a pirate fantasy spectacle and an art installation that would work in a museum. The girl has vision and is a lady-Mcgyver of sorts…let’s watch: the set will probably be made out of cigarettes, dyed-bread and hand-lotion.

Wait, who is the choreographer? – Travis Wall…have you heard of him? He creates amazing choreography with everything he looks at; it’s like his X-Men mutant power. One of his last projects is Step Up 4, which love or hate the series, has explosive, modern and ‘cool’ choreography. Can you imagine what will happen when you hand him a balls-to-the-walls, epic score and a young cast? Dance sequences of emotions and craziness for days. I approve.

Spring Awakening Part Two Anyone? – The recently-announced cast could not be more on-point if it tried. Sure, it’s a little expected, but how can you not cast Spring Awakening Broadway/Touring cast alumni - like Taylor Trensch, Jason Hite, Elizabeth Judd and Gerard Canonico - in a similarly-themed show? And let’s face it: if you were in a production of Spring Awakening at any point in your career, you are instantly awesome. Yes, even the caricature that is Lea Michele with her “will I, or will I not flash my vagina on national television” schtick. She was in Spring Awakening y’all; she has immunity, for better or worse.

WERQ *Air Snaps*
Gerard Canonico with the bonus of the Alex Wyse –Canonico being cast? CALLED IT. The picture wouldn’t be complete if he weren’t cast in the show and you know the kid is going to BRING IT. But we got a serious bone throw when my beloved lady-dinosaur Alex Wyse, who is great in, like, everything, was cast and already, he is working his character’s suspenders and glasses like they murdered his BFF. Both of them in a show together equals victory!!!

Blah Blah Blah…BARE! - Combining a pop-rock opera score, with an angst-filled, coming-of-age story and a diverse group of developed characters and it is rock musical porn basically. They could overturn the show’s oversight to a dead person and it will probably still be wonderful. I am excited that the creative and cast are going to kick some ass, but at the end of the day, I am just thankful that I am actually going to SEE a version of the show that is not through YouTube. Everyone is a winner really.

Photo Credits:  Joseph Marzullo/WENN for Playbill.com
Photo Credit: The Jay Leno Show via US Magazine

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