Skyping with Caroline re: Adam Chanler-Berat’s Adorbsness

Many an evening here at NRNW Central usually consist with me winding down and doing what I do best…fangasming over theater-related items of note and drafting/researching blog entries like I am getting paid a King’s ransom for it (one day maybe!).

To break up the repetition of the cycle, I am blessed to have my Theater/Skype/All-Around Bestie Caroline, known to make an appearance or several on here every now and then, chime in on the action. You guys…it is not even fair. We have the same style of humor, a lack of word filtering and similar tastes in all things theater and performers. This all culminates in conversations like the following:

Caroline: Speaking of awesome…
Caroline: How did the world suddenly become full of insanely adorable Adam Chanler-Berat interviews?
Caroline: Not that I’m complaining; I'm the opposite
NRNW: OMG, his favorite things post?
Caroline: Mhm
NRNW: Not Fair
Caroline: Also, his tendency to wear a red-striped shirt does not lessen the Waldo thing.
NRNW: I never thought I would say this…but I want to fu** the shit out of Waldo
Caroline: His adorableness is confusing. I both want to sleep with him and give him a glass of milk and tuck him into bed
NRNW: He is precious
NRNW: Like presh levels of presh
Caroline: It really is so funny. He is just grown on me so quickly
NRNW: Samesies
Caroline: Like a malignant tumor
Caroline: Only adorable
NRNW: His angsty boy-ish charm makes me want to cuddle with him
NRNW: And Jay [Armstrong Johnson]
Caroline: Preferably both at the same time
NRNW: And a whole basket of puppies
Caroline: And maybe the [Gavin] Creel
Caroline: And [Jonathan] Groff
Caroline All at once
NRNW: Orgy girl!
Caroline: I’m not even sure there needs to be an orgy
Caroline: It would be nice, but we could also just watch movie musicals and snark on everyone in them
Caroline: Also, since Adam and I are cat people, I think there must also be a bucket of kittens

And there you have it. The funny thing is, at least how I see it, this is one of the more appropriate and mundane of our chats. Dwell on that thought for a bit…we’ll be over here dwelling on the Adam.

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