Guest Blogging for Broadway News...Yes, Please!

What is a blog entry with no witty words, aggressively inappropriate phrases or informative bits of theater know-how?

I guess that would be this one...put simply, this is a notice for all of you. A notice for all of you to visit this link to the blog of popular Theater Twitter-er Broadway News (or as I refer to her, "Ali"). The write-up for her site details all of my, or 'our', most anticipated shows of the Fall season, from the fast approaching Playwrights Horizons feature Detroit, starring Amy Ryan and F.R.I.E.N.D.S alumnus David Schwimmer, to Bare, for reasons I have already mentioned (and stand by).

Ali is a dear friend and one of my favorite people of, like, life. Eagle-eyed readers with your amazing memories may recall she was my first guest on my short-lived (but maybe soon-to-be revived) radio show - she was wonderful and can dish on theater like she is in the market for a husband (for any of you who know Stark Sands? She will happily take him off of your hands). I look forward to another amazing year of taking in shows, concerts or even just a meal with her. As far as a non-professional news source, she is unparalleled combining news bits from all major sources, her commentary on theater, conversations with up-and-coming actors and theater-fans alike and the occasional giveaway.

Check out her site www.bwaynews.com and follow her on Twitter - @BwayNews. You'll be glad you did...

Photo Credit: BwayNews.com

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