Checking in on the "John Gallagher Jr. Show" a.k.a "The Newsroom"

Oh, it's happening children...Aaron Sorkin's newsroom gem has been reissued for another season and has won me over despite any initial resistance. I remain impressed by its unique timeline, fast-paced dialogue and its ability to fledge out an ensemble. It's Sorkin...could there be any doubt?

I would recap this show on a weekly basis, but I've got nothing really. If it weren't for the theater references and ensemble, no one would put this television drama and theater in the same sentence. Besides, my only consistent reaction is me squeeing at an awesome Jim moment, Neal's nerd overload or a one-liner for the ages. I'm sold.

Hit it collection of thoughts!

-- Seriously though, theater references by the mile. The Annie Get Your Gun reference? The life-making Evita reference? I damn-near did a spit take over that one and I wasn't even drinking anything.

-- The best part is though...well, let's face it: Sorkin can get a little self-satisfied and start spewing intelligent stuffs because he is smart and he knows it. But then he throws out an entire Rudy allegory and you realize that this is his first or second passion project in a while that the audience can connect with and follow along pretty closely. I even have some recollection of the news bits when they happened some year or two ago. This show may be classic-Sorkin, but it is more accessible from an audience perspective then usual.

-- While I love some of the behind-the-scenes drama - which above all, is relevant and needed for the show to grow - the most exciting aspects of the show are when a story is breaking and the newsroom is having an "all hands on deck" moment. The final 20 minutes of the pilot, the BP oil spill coverage, might still be my favorite moment of the show because it was executed flawlessly and had a lot of payoff and character moments for the entire ensemble. If you ask me, I am a little over the Will and Mackenzie aesthetic of their spilt milk past.

-- But I am loving this ensemble and above all, that is why I remain invested. Jeff Daniels should earn a Golden Globe-nomination for giving a beautifully subtle performance amidst his character's icy exterior. He is carrying the show and that is no small feat, even though he has a game supporting cast to back him up.

-- Olivia Munn's Japanese accent and language is awesome - and she KICKED ASS on her TEPCO/Nuclear Radiation interrogation interview last night. She has been pretty non-descript up until then, but that was arguably one of the best moments of the series as she grew her ladyballs and BROUGHT IT.

-- And let's give a round of applause for Thomas Sadoski - who stole the show in that one five-minute block reacting to Sloan's televised debacle/moment of badassery. I know we all love hate him as Maggie's dousche boyfriend, but his character is way, WAY more fun when he is backed up into a corner and scrambling to bail himself out. His face needs its own "Fu** Yeah" Tumblr. I have been saying "GO BACK TO JAPANESE" all around my house - and now my family thinks I should be committed somewhere.

Oh, just bone already...
-- But, of course, the show's highlights all lead back to our Johnny Galls. So awesome is his character and his performance that I basically cheer everytime they pan to his reaction shot. Or breathes. But, oh man...I can watch him get knocked on his ass and get doors slammed on him on a 24/7 live stream. Is that horrible? Ahh, screw it...

-- By the way, isn't is pretty BAMF-ey that our resident embodiment of theater angst is become such a standout? I can't go two feet without another article/interview/feature/photo spread popping up in my newsfeed. At least we can say we knew him back when his hair was starched up to within an inch of its life and would get caught on ceilings and light fixtures...

-- While Jim/Maggie is arguably the most obvious fan ship since the pilot - something the show has not let up on - I like that they have so many roadblocks in their relationship. At the end of the day, they are complacent one-upping each other and throwing down if they can't hop into the sack. They are fun to watch and quite frankly, Alison Pill and Gallagher nail the chemistry and sexual tension without having such pandering scenes like that rooftop/anxiety attack "that was HIM" scene. Yes, that was sweet...but utter bullshit in the realm of things.

-- Finally, while we're at it, the Neal/Jim nerd bromance is epic (also loving Dev Patel on the show) and I need one just like it. Seriously, all they need to do is start talking about anime or Doctor Who and my nerdvaries might implode. If they need a third nerd bro, where do I send in my video reel? I've got the bow tie and suspenders on standby.

Photo Credits: The Newsroom/HBO via Munnshine and TheAngstReport on Tumblr

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