Broadway Does the 90’s…Yes, This was an Actual Thing

Yes, take a look around…I am sure you have noticed that things look different here at NRNW Central. No, you’re not crazy; things have been changing here for a good week and will continue as we go…somewhere, above and beyond or whatever. Enjoy the new design!

Now, a benefit for Broadway Impact (a wonderful organization, might I add) was held at Joe’s Pub last night. With the setlist through line being a collection of 90’s songs, also known as “the TRL Generation,” a bunch of Broadway performers got nostalgic with the music and delivered some showstoppers…while I was mouthing the words of almost every number in the audience.

Oh, Broadway…you really are the gift that keeps on giving. I may have had a boy band album or seven and maybe knew the choreography to some Backstreet Boys and/or N*Sync numbers. What do you expect; my age was still in single digits. Forget regret y’all; those years are me and look around…clearly, not much has changed. Trade in Backstreet Boys for John Gallagher Jr. and Nina Arianda and I am right where I left off…

Cue videos, commentary and highlights of the evening – please and thank you!

Oh, those boys. Such a blatant disregard for the females in the audience…now those ladies need to explain to their husbands, significant others, gals and gays why their ovaries are in shambles. Because that is what they have done…made all women at the Pub and watching on YouTube completely infertile. Bastards.

Yes, you LOVED that medley and no, you don’t care that conceiving a child is no longer an option. I am sure you can adopt from one of those small villages in Antarctica that does not get YouTube…because it is videos like this that put the future of the human race in jeopardy. Oh hum…

Like everyone else with hearing, I am abuzz with the Spice Girls Viva Forever show coming out in the future and I imagine it will be something like this…with a bunch more histrionics and acid-induced moments. In the meantime, I thought this was fabulous.

Okay, I have danced on the Joe’s Pub stage before (don’t ask) and here is what I know…that stagy is TINY. Like, “knocking over musical stands and tripping on wires” micro-sized. How those scene-stealing back-up dancers were able to nail their choreography without falling off the stage is beyond me. And you know those guys have been practicing those numbers for the last 15 years, not a hair out of place…and wouldn’t you?

-- The set was invaded by several performers from the recently-closed Godspell. Corey Mach and Eric Michael Krop did the boy band medley and also brought the house down with Jewel and Celine Dion covers respectively. Hannah Ellis broke out the harmonica and Morgan James closed out the evening, looking wonderful in a black ruffled-top and shorts, and belted her face off for what felt like 15 minutes straight. Jesus would roll with a talented entourage.

-- A girl whose name that I cannot remember did a wonderful job on Cher’s “Believe.” Also, there were Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Meatloaf and Mariah Carey covers. Basically, this event should be semi-annual. Or weekly.

-- Will Blum, the current standby for Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon, sang the aforementioned Mariah Carey cover. I would describe it as a Pop/Rhythm and Blues number filtered through a nerdtastic Elder Cunningham singing and riffing filter. In a word…awesome.

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