5 Reasons Why Nina Arianda Playing Janis Joplin is the Best Thing to Ever Happen...Ever

So, there I was...watching Weeds and finishing my knitted blanket (no, I really was...why would I lie to you, my lovely readers?). And then my life (and by extension, the world) changed...forever.

I can't even...LUV HUH!
News broke that Nina Arianda, our resident Broadway Beauty/Sex Bomb/Goddess, was cast as Janis Joplin in the much-hyped biopic of her life. Because Nina wins at living and we can all see that. The fact that her killer performances in Born Yesterday and Venus in Fur added so much street credit to her profile is pretty awesome. Many actors and actresses have delivered a knockout performance in a show(s), but may not score something this high-profile in the immediate aftermath, if ever. Them's the breaks of the industry...

But how sweet is this for her?! We all should feel like proud parents. Here is my not-at-all fanboying list of reasons of why Nina Arianda playing Janis Joplin will revolutionize the world (or something).

-- Nina will be singing - OH EM GEE, you guys - and you know the girl is going to bring it because her speaking voice is more alluring then freshly baked cookies. I can only imagine what her singing voice must sound like; she could narrate the life story of an amoeba and still make it exciting.

-- The girl is a chameleon and can transform with the best of them. Heck, she nailed like five transformations within the ninety minutes of Venus in Fur without so much as a stain on her ruffled, tiered dress. The girl could play Mike Tyson in his upcoming one-man show better then Mike Tyson would. Janis Joplin should be a cake-walk, no?

-- Like Joplin, Miss Nina has such an unconventional look to her that it can be put to great use. I LOATHED the Venus in Fur promotional posters because the airbrushing/photoshopping made her look porcelain and wax-like. The girl does not have defined features nor does she look like she was produced in a factory. That's her charm; she is a Ukrainian bombshell who is undeniably pretty even if you can't put your thumb on it as to why.

-- She seems like a really cool, grounded chick...so now, like John Gallagher Jr. and his The Newsroom media tour, we will get a bevy of more interviews and sound bites to add to our bedroom walls enjoy.

-- Remember when she shut down the red carpet of the Tonys with her fierce-as-hell style and attitude? When the award nominations and ceremonies start piling in (let's cut the crap; she's got the Oscar won already), multiply her public appearances by 50. Also, don't bother paying your electric bill that season...she will short-circuit anything with simply a toss of her (gorgeous) hair. My television damn near exploded from her fabulosity the moment the cameras panned to her at the Tonys.

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