One Final Entry Regarding John Gallagher Jr.'s Set, Then I'm Good Until...Well, Next Week

Let's be honest...we're not tired of talking about John Gallagher Jr. and quite frankly, we never will be.

Totes Not Doing Sadness
or Anything
Especially because...well, the dude is kind of having a banner week month with all things The Newsroom. Show of hands - was anyone caught off-guard to find interviews of him... like, everywhere? Elle Magazine even? So many photos and videos and interviews...it's like Christmas came early and it is not ready to end yet. Not to mention, Tumblr has been exploding with quotes and GIFs of him from just the one episode premiere. I know it is a high-profile Aaron Sorkin drama, but the exposure is practically "Lea" like. 

And he has not even sung or played the guitar yet like he eventually will be. When that happens, gird your loins because televised exposure to John Gallagher Jr. jam sessions are known to cause massive, worldwide devastation to the ovaries. It's an epidemic y'all!

I know these things...I have a Ph. D. in 'fangirl female anatomy'. I have a certificate I found online.

In the meantime before Hollywood swallows him back up, Johnny Galls hit up the Rockwood for a solo set and brought the house down only to add an assurance of another performance next month. Look, I adore me some Michael Esper and Gerard Canonico - and their "Right Now Freak Outs" band is cute in that singing screaming about death or dying or hopelessness kind of way - but that tends to be more "noise" and "high-impact" instead of...well, "music." Quiet, more subtle folk music is more my wheelhouse - that's all really. Hit it new (ish) songs!

Solid, no? Galls also played some of his classics (if can we even call them that), all available on my YouTube Channel.

Some random, final thoughts:

-- Is it just me or did he nail that Steven Earle cover? Not that I am surprised, but as much as I appreciate his original music and songwriting, the boy knows how to provide his own take on a cover.

-- Also, I am pretty convinced he could amass a career as a comedian with that deadpan style of humor. Or at least he should be cast in a dark comedy, preferably British (Jerusalem kind of counts there).

-- I didn't think it was possible, but his vocal control is still on-point and possibly better then before. Like no awful riffing or anything - just solid, "I can hit and hold my notes bitches" from our good ole plaid pal. Speaking of which...

-- I did not spot any plaid on his person. If Hollywood strips him of his rural, country-boy style, I believe we are allowed to physically intervene and set a recourse. I'll take care of the knitwear - someone have Tom Ford or Gucci on speed dial.

Photo Credit: Zooey Magazine

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