Freaking Out Right Now...Or Right Now Freak Outs

If you are like me and keeping tabs on some of the American Idiot alumni, because they were one of the most awesome ensembles I have ever seen, then the following notes should seem familiar to you.

- Tony Vincent got the boot off of The Voice. More importantly, I never noticed how much he looked like Lord Voldemort until someone very astutely pointed out. I can't unsee it and neither should you...

- We are thankful that NYC 22 gave Stark Sands the opportunity to add 'Police Officer' to his ever growing acting reel of military man or...military man. Let's not forget that one time he played a military man. Or that other time he played a sexually ambiguous, radical, cross-dressing son to Charles Busch. Because that totally fits in perfectly and we should never forget. Ever. In related news, NYC 22 got the boot and now we must part with, as my gal pal BwayNews calls it, Stark Sands Sundays.

- Gerard Canonico, when he is not being a boss and throwing an interview in my direction, is prepping for a family-friendly show called "Stand Tall," which is slated to be released during the summer. Because when I see Gerard banging the hell out of a drum set, drinking or performing in American Idiot or Spring Awakening, the first thing I think is, "this guy is family friendly." (I joke because I love, Gerard!)

- Michael Esper has whored out his talented self by starring in three different productions in four runs since Idiot. The shows (and his performances) have ranged from great (Assistance) to the fantastic (The Intelligent Homosexuals Guide to Capitalism and Socialism with a Key to Scriptures) to the "shoulda been nominated for a Tony (or more Tonys) because we are not worthy (The Lyons)." I totally have accepted that whole oversight thing...totally.

- Also, Esper is joining up with his iHo co-star, Steven Pasquale, for a new NBC medical drama called Do No Harm. A not-at-all cliche and dated medical drama starring veterans of the stage (and in Pasquale's case, cable TV)? Yeah, that's not going to get cancelled after five or six episodes.

- John Gallagher Jr. is weeks away from stardom at the hands of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. I've got my pass to an advanced screening because he is in dire need of support. I do it for the people, mostly the children.

- And probably the most important and life-making development of them all...Gallagher Jr., Esper and Canonico are in a band. I repeat...IN A BAND. Going by the name of "Right Now Freak Outs" (or something), they are like...an actual thing.

That last point is the most epic and relevant at the moment because as Esper departs for California to film Do No Harm (hold back your tears, readers) and as a preface to Gallagher Jr.'s anticipated acclaim, they reunited at Rockwood Music Hall for a small-ish set the other night. In only their third or fourth public performance (on this scale, at least), they really know how to rock a venue.  I say that unsurprisingly, because Gallagher Jr. has done plenty of acoustic sets (and a smash musical or two, maybe you have heard of them). Esper at the mic is a glorious thing given he dabbles in musicals on a more limited basis. Gerard should never change because it is secretly his world and we just live in it.

So why am I typing when we should just get to the videos? Hit it, gentleman!

I'll take it; loud, abrasive, charismatic and fun. No amount of off-tune guitars can suppress their dynasty. Their new song, "Lost Love," is a pretty good addition to their repertoire, no?! I have some more videos on my YouTube Channel...scroll through it if you like.

Lastly, because he is ever the one for good taste, Gallagher Jr. shared some of the shows with me he has seen since returning into the area. In addition to Other Desert Cities and The Lyons (natch), he really liked Cock. Hey, I loved Cock too Johnny! I'll leave you fanfic writers, trolls and fanboys/girls with that...your welcome!

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this is pretty good but there are lots of fact errors.