Glee 3x19 "Prom-asaurus"

Okay, whaaaa…?

No seriously, did anyone else find that a sort-of…blah hour? Oh, it’s definitely a throwaway, no doubt about that. The show just seemed to meander on, stopping occasionally for a song, and any sort of substance or style was forgone for…nothing.

Oh, I've been there Darren. Calm your jets bro...
It didn’t help that this was a Frankenepisode, probably the most notable one in the show’s series. They mashed together so many things it seems, from the long running plot points {Quinn’s recovery, Finn/Rachel}, the stand-in plot points (Prom, Brittany’s role as president, Becky, WHATEVER the hell that was between Becky and Puck) to the erratic character behaviors {Becky’s not-so-subtle bitchiness, Quinn’s rage for queen}. Add in some character motivations that make no sense at all and some overly referential and repetitive motifs (I am looking at you Helen Mirren voiceovers) just made the episode A LOT of episode, with the entire show feeling recycled and very “last year.”

I’m sorry for calling the show out, but c’mon…you know the next episode is going to come along and no one isn’t even going to mention prom, hair gel, dinosaurs or anything. In some regards, this is the quintessential Glee episode – lack of tact, misunderstanding the basics of story writing, no consideration for ongoing plot points and incorporating money guzzling vehicles songs that would download more. I shake my head in shame…
It’s kinda of a funny story though…I didn’t hate this episode. And when my buttons are pushed hard, I can really HATE Glee when it is off its game. I’ll walk you through it in a second…first up, musical numbers. (EDIT: Embedded videos are not working **edits out descriptions of lackluster songs**)

New Directions + One Direction = PG Rager
Now, here's why I didn't hate this episode...it was not exactly the best concept for an episode, but it could have been way worse. It also was not particularly well-executed, but again...it could have been worse. Glee can be offensively despicable when both concept and execution are the pits...this was not one of those hours. Lifeless? Subpar? Forgettable? Sure, all the above.

It does beg the question though...what is the greater offense in the world of Glee? A misguided concept that is decently well-executed (and by misguided, I mean Glee's heavy-handed approach to things like teen gay suicide) or a sound concept coupled with terrible execution? What about somewhere in the middle ground?

If you are trying to come up with an answer, don't...I ask mostly for rhetorical reasons. Why? Because the fact that I asked this question in itself means that this episode was a fail, for one reason or another, and for a show that is trying to excite me about nationals, graduation, life after graduation and the next season, now is not the time for these nondescript episodes. Well, there is never a time for a nondescript episode...but Glee lucked into the fact that the proceedings never evoked a reaction in me greater then, "Whatever"...otherwise, I would have their heads for it after giving us two flawed, but ultimately good, episodes.

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