Venus in Fur...Again...and Nina Arianda is still a Knockout

We are well into the spring season of shows and there is one show my friends and I cannot stop talking about. Surprisingly, it is Venus in Fur.

I say “surprisingly” because out of everything released this year, this is probably the “least like the others” and not a norm for our wheelhouse…and we are a open-minded crew. I served as the guinea pig when I saw it back in February, as I have been wanting to see it since it’s debut back in 2010. To date, I have returned an additional two times and all of my theater friends, some at the recommendation from reading my first blog entry, snagged a seat at one of the most uniquely fun, interesting and dramatic shows this season.

Let’s see what my friends thought…first up, my BFF Courtney took to her Twitter!

You’re welcome! Ali of @BwayNews on Twitter? Report to the stage please…

All accurate points and I would not expect anything less.

When my friend Kay was in town, we got box seat tickets to the show (unconfirmed, but I think we concluded this was her first non-Broadway musical) and she shared her thoughts in her Live Journal.

"The show was awesome. It was a play about a director auditioning a girl for the role of Vanda in his stage adaptation of "Venus in Fur" and as the audition goes on, reality and the play start to collide and the S&M relationship in the play is reflected in the behavior of the two characters outside of their acting. It was also hilarious. Hugh Dancy played the director and an actress I don't know, Nina Arianda, played the actress [in the show] and she was amazing. A Tony nomination for sure.

But the most candid (and hilarious) write-up has to go to mein herr Tristan posting about it on his Tumblr. He was my plus one when I was invited to Venus in Fur’s Blogger Night, a wonderful gathering put together by SpotCo Marketing and the production that involved an open bar at Hurley’s Saloon. The PR practitioner in me was quite impressed with the event and we were honored to be in attendance.

He’s very well-spoken. I also find him kind of subtle...yeah, just kidding.

I think we all like love really love the show. We all sort of touched on the same points, the acting most notably. It is, basically, a waiting game until Nina Arianda takes down the top prize.

Bow to me; I AM APHRODITE!
A point I feel worth making…I was not a fan of Meryl Streep winning an Oscar this year for The Iron Lady. Sacrilege, I know – and I do love her and all of her talents – but I thought the movie had a lot of issues in both concept and execution. Sure, Streep’s performance was great and the one bright spot…but the role was catered to her casting and written to get her another Oscar. That is the only purpose for the film’s existence (as far as I am concerned) and I thought it was unfair to put it up against the other ladies, whom had more hurdles to jump over to stand out.

That’s where Venus in Fur succeeds where The Iron Lady does not. Fur is a well-conceived, written and directed show first and foremost. After the creative, it just-so-happened to be buoyed by some genius casting and brilliant performing, Arianda especially. I am not by all means suggesting that Broadway is not immune to that movie trap of writing a role for award recognition.

But when Nina wins her award (seriously, I am not even going to act like it’s a multi-horse race), it is not because the show revolved around her. It did moreso then Hugh Dancy’s character; that's for sure. But my point is, they made a wonderful show first and Arianda, to her credit, transcended the material afterwards.

*Tickets and photograph provided by the production.

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