Glee 3x16 Saturday Night Glee-ver

I just can’t with this one. If you are expecting a witty and well-written recap of last night’s episode, I apologize for disappointing you because I don’t have much to say. Why should I try…because God knows Glee sure as hell didn’t.

We saw this performance before (Wanna Be Starting Somethin'), right down to the staging, and it didn’t work then and it doesn’t really work now. Although, as Caroline mentioned to me, Darren was born to wear purple. I personally credit him (and Kevin McHale) for reviving the whole bow tie trend.

Lackluster much.

Kudos for the energy (and Amber looked fantastic in that red dress), but with no setup, there is no reward. Although, it was one of the least offensive performances of the night.

Sorry, I just about fell asleep on that one.

Utterly forgettable.

To be fair, this was a bit of a bright spot. That surprises me considering this is another Glee Project “not-quite-a-winner, but I am going to SING” appearance. However, much like Lindsay Pearce, Alex Newell really brings it to the performing. I am fully expecting them to botch this transgender-esque storyline because Glee is…well, Glee.

There is a pasty-white village of
people in his collar cleavage!
Also, even though his character is awful, I will never complain about having Jonathon Groff on my television screen. And we were also introduced to my new favorite character…Jonathon Groff’s cleavage. His cleavage was very on-point tonight, so much so that I am thinking of conceptualizing a backstory about it.

No thanks; I’ll pass. I love Cory Monteith as an actor, but his upper register, falsetto thingy is terrible.

So many yeast infections Enh, okay.

Look, I am fond of Saturday Night Fever, but the moment this “tribute episode” (using those words as loosely as possible) was announced, I could see the suck coming from a mile away. The disco trend really died in the 70’s and it should remain there. At least Madonna or Michael Jackson are timeless to some extent or their music and messages can be adapted more freely.

Kurt's suit? Please report to my body asap;
it is in need of a stylish friend.
This is a genuinely talented group of performers, so it surprises me when I say that they were part of the problem. Go watch old episodes of Glee and try telling me that the cast was really into making this episode. Quite frankly, I don’t blame them for phoning in this lazy, horribly-written, throwaway of an episode…but they are a little bit accountable as to why last night’s episode was easily one of the worst, if not the worst, of the entire series.

I’m sorry, but the writing last night had every criticism of an episode of Glee wrapped up into one episode. “Lazy” is the operative word here; it is as if they took an old soundtrack, threw in the dance floor and that was it from a creative standpoint. When the most creative thing about the episode is the pun “Saturday Night Glee-ver,” then you know hell is just around the corner. From Finn and Puck’s back-again best friends (oh, that inspirational speech from Puck came from throwing darts at a board, I’m sure) to Wade’s too-convenient insertion into the show. Let’s not forget the post-graduation worries of Mercedes and Santana (Finn’s actually made a little sense, no matter how horribly it was handled) to the “we’re hugging…pre-martial problems over” of Rachel and Finn. Incongruous themes shoehorned in, a feeble attempt to relate the problems of New Directions to the tribute in question, an entire episode of plot contrivances and their subsequent inconsistent characterizations, clunky dialogue for days, mostly stale performances…just horrible all-around. I really try to be lenient because Glee typically has something worth complaining about week after week…but literally, everything that happened last night was complain-worthy.

Only six more episodes left in the season and I hope none of them bear any resemblance to this one. It really does not take a lot to make a good, or at least entertaining, episode of Glee…and yet, the show constantly self-destructs from within. Enough with the publicity pushes Ryan Murphy and company (too late, I know; the upcoming Whitney Houston might literally kill off some people watching)…for the first time, your ensemble, that has carried out a bulk of your BS since day one, hit their performing wall and seemed lethargic towards the proceedings. They are encouraging the tone that you have set for them…and right now, it is one of “minimal effort” and “why bother?”

And that’s me not having much to say. I'm done here...

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