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Well played Nick Blaemire, well played…

You see…for some time now, Nick, unbeknownst to him, has been hitting a lot of my buttons. Not that I am a very difficult person to win over, but the more he gets his name out there, the more I approve of his general existence. Because my approval matters, damn-it. Let’s run through a checklist of Nick’s escapades, complete with a make-shift scoring system, shall we?

-       Starring in the fun, irresistible revival that is Godspell…50 points
-       Being awesome in said production and having gratuitous amounts of charisma, akin to a rabbit pounding a six-pack of Red Bull…150 points
-        Bonus points for successful execution of noises, sound effects and imitations, proving that mechanizations are not the future of theater. Pure clown talent wins out in the end…250 points
-        Double the bonus points for bringing the house down on “We Beseech Thee” PLAYING guitar while JUMPING on a trampoline…which never gets old and is still unabashed joy with each successive viewing…525 points
-       Being super humble and kind, which has not gone unnoticed…a couple thousand points
-       Self-proclaimed dork? Dude, we are long lost brothers. Check…four for you, you go Nick!
-       Being courteous enough to engage me for one of my first interviews for this very site, which is one of the best entries to date…all the points in the universe.

Hmm, that is a lot of points. I mean, it’s not like Nick has a loveably cheesy and charming music video to accompany his band, The Hustle, and their EP release.

Oh, right…he does. This was just brilliant (also well-filmed and edited, might I add) and the comedic undertone so spot-on.

The most recent capstone of the Blaemire takeover was his EP release concert at the Mercury Lounge in downtown Manhattan, to which he and The Hustle took to the stage and jammed out for an hour. You can download the EP here and add his swagger to your growing music collection.

By the way, some Godspellian castmates were also spotted in the audience as Nick got his white boy boogie on. How awesome, right?!

And while Nick may play up some of his jazz funk schtick for laughs, the realization I arrived to is that he really does embody that essence in a serious matter. Not to mention, his lower register is fantastic; it is just as good as his upper register that he belts to the heavens eight times a week.

You can practically envision Nick with his guy pals in a basement somewhere BSing and talking about their "game" and wooing techniques with the ladies as they get their funk on. I guess my point is, between the covers of Michael Jackson, Taio Cruz’s “Dynamite” (which was really great) and listening to some of The Hustle’s songs, this all is a perfect summary of the kind of guy Nick (and his writing partner, Jessie Vargas) is. Talk about an entertaining night out and some new iPod worthy songs; they are an act to keep an eye on.

Congratulations on everything dude! Your reward…I don’t know; I’ll buy you a latte or something.

Photo Credit: nickblaemireandthehustle.bandcamp.com/
Video Credit: Ben Sinclair's "Headturner"

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