The Voice - Enter Tony Vincent

We have the start of the 2012 season on Broadway and with each passing day, Theater (or Theater performers) becomes more integrated into television and the mainstream. Let’s see if there is enough of that good, healthy dose of NRNW shade to go around. Reading my opinions can reduce cholesterol by 10%; this is fact.* Let’s get cracking!

As far as singing competitions on television, The Voice is the only one that really strikes me as enjoyable. American Idol, X-Factor and such have some combination of factors in the show’s run-through that turn me off and usually, the winner is incorrect or there is too much emphasis on crafting a story or personality or a talented person is voted off…you know, the standard-faire.

The Voice is not immune to all singing competition pitfalls – in fact, I groan each time my bullsh** detector goes off – but it still works and I look forward to it week after week. I approve of the blind audition setup and I love how it sends a massive fu** you to the music industry in how looks, presentation and marketability play into the business. There is some genuine talent in the bunch and the team captains are chosen well given their accolades as music professionals. They also get really into it, right?

I’m not going to lie, I have a huge bromance crush on Adam Levine and he is a personal hero of mine when it comes to his personality, demeanor and how awesome he is about LGBTQ issues. He is obviously my favorite judge/team captain; when he peppered that Pip kid’s audition (LOVED him by the way) with “it takes a real man to wear a bow tie,” I damn-near had an orgasm. From an unbiased standpoint thought, his critiques tend to be on-point.

And now, we have another reason to watch The Voice. Do y’all remember having nightmares about St. Jimmy because Tony Vincent portrayed him so menacingly?


How exciting! I have been looking forward to his appearance when it was announced a while back and I am pretty sure all of Broadway is rooting for him. He definitely ranks well on the list of talented performers in theater. I could not despise Jesus Christ Superstar any more if I tried, but I remember seeing Vincent in the revival some twelve years ago, so he must have done something right. Of course, American Idiot is amazing and he was one of my favorite parts. Till this day, his voice on “Know Your Enemy” can stop me in my tracks.

BAM. Nightmare...Live It.
As far as his performance here…I liked it a lot. I have a minor criticism (no surprise), but I would have pegged at least two of the captains to press their button (Oh Adam; you disappointed me there). First off, Vincent has some BALLS on him to pick a Freddie Mercury song. Even better, it is a great choice because the song is an epic classic. Since The Voice is all about recognizing uniqueness, he stood out immediately.

Has anyone else noticed that some people on the show pick songs with a range of less than an octave? Unless you are Adele or Amy Winehouse, that is a major strike against you in any audition, let alone a reality competition show that mostly favors bombast.

That is the genius of Vincent’s choice; he picked a song that delivered (and practically defines) drama and vocal range. Unsurprisingly, he nailed it for the most part and managed to throw in his own take on the vocal riffs.

Really, the only thing I can chastise him for is that he went straight for “rock concert” when the venue begs for pitch-perfect singing. It is practically impossible to sing “We Are The Champions” without indulging in stage mechanics, but since the judges could not see him, singing the song consistently great should have been priority number one. Had it been flawlessly sung, the other team captains, Christina Aguilera especially, would have liked him more. The crowd was going to be into it regardless.

Don’t look at me like that; that is a minor criticism at best. He got on the show and rightly so. It will be interesting to see him work with Cee Lo Green; I have no inclination as to how they will collaborate. I’ll don’t expect to blog The Voice weekly, but I will be keeping a tab on him as he goes throughout the competition.

By the way, how great did Aspen, Tony’s wife, look on the show? This was filmed a few months ago and now, she is in her final month of pregnancy. They are slated to have a girl and because that baby is half-Tony, she will come out sporting at least three tattoos. Congrats you two!

* No, it isn’t.

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Photo Credit: Paul Kolnik for Playbill

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