NRNW Central in 2012...Spiderman, What Are You Doing?

Happy New Year Readers! My holiday was spent glued to Gavin Creel’s drunken tweeting, working on social media-related stuff and texting it up with my dear friend Caroline regarding the #JesusParrish and #HipsterGodspell hash tags on Twitter and our favorite theater OT3s (amongst other things)…good times as always!

I really do not have a hook for this entry other then sharing whats going on in NRNW Central in early 2012…well, that was until I saw the “interesting” Spiderman publicity stunt on CNN and could not pass up the opportunity to discuss…how could I not? That was button-pushing television for so many reasons.

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We have two live episodes of “The NRNW Show” fast-approaching on Blog Talk Radio, the first of which airs tonight at 11:00 pm est. Super excited to gush over some interesting theater developments.

But not as exciting as January 3rd, where my pal Ali of @BwayNews on Twitter will be my special guest and phoning in. Believe me; you do not want to miss this as we start gossiping about upcoming shows for the spring season.

Anyways…just as Thanksgiving has become an outlet for some national Theater coverage, several New Years-related broadcasts have featured a Broadway show’s latest publicity whoring. So of course, Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark blackmailed CNN, Anderson Cooper or cashed in on a favor ceased the opportunity.

I do not know what is funnier…the fact that they went for a full-out spectacle that lasted a good 7 minutes or the fact that it did not even occur to them to do something like American Idiot did the year before. It is possible that the PR team did not have that much creative control over the process, but a mini-medley seemed a lot more simpler from a production standpoint and indefinitely got the point across better.

Edit: It looks like the American Idiot tour made some media rounds this New Years as well…

Now, THAT is how you deliver on a media appearance (even though the newscaster at the end couldn’t speak for his life…honey, use your words).

Back to Spiderman…look, I am happy that the show itself is running without a hitch and bringing in the big money week after week. Having seen the show, I can bring myself to admit there are some high points and something there worth witnessing. Considering the lambasting the show has had to endure, good for them I say…

But then they do stunts like this, I am like…"what the hell man?” Sure, Anderson Cooper’s “acting” and delivery was comical (LOVED the sidebar comment on Kathy Griffin), but every time I thought the Green Goblin skit was over, he just revved up again. Before I knew it, 7 minutes of my life went bye bye and all I have to show for it is a manic Green Goblin…doing a pseudo-staged take over of...the world or Times Square? Or something; I don’t know.

Hello gratuitous Toshiba product placement!

It makes no sense to me how they think that is going to help their media outreach plan given it was being slammed some months ago with world renown injuries, hasty cast replacements, a stalled opening, Julie Taymor getting fired on her period, suing and whatnot…show of hands: who thinks more favorably of Spiderman then they did before? Anyone? Anyone? I thought so.

Ho hum…Spidey’s publicity campaign would be better sticking to some performances of their better numbers (yes, there are some) and try avoiding anything too ostentatious or anything involving those cracked out costumes. Yes, they are very interesting to look at and a masterpiece of design; however, to quote Tim Gunn of Parsons New York and Project Runway, “it’s a lot of look.” Out of context and with little preparation, it is too overwhelming to appreciate. In fact, that summarizes the whole publicity maneuver itself…too overwhelming (and overly serious) to appreciate when you are waiting for the sparkly ball to drop.

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