Glee 3x10 "Yes/No"

This Glee write-up is brought to you by NRNW and BFF Caroline’s Skype chat…because our on-the-spot commentary is hilarious, accurate and we are proud of it.

Look, I really was not looking forward to the show’s return from hiatus. Not only because the Smash pilot was released two days ago and I am crazy excited for it, but everytime Glee makes a jihad in the media, my interest in the show continues to decline. Ryan Murphy and company trying to convince us that they know what they are doing and all these twists and shockers and spoilers for the rest of the season and next…ugh, I can’t. I think the entire Glee community would be more forgiving of the show’s misgivings if there was not all of these media mishaps stuffing up our timelines and newsfeeds…it also does not help that nearly everyone dislikes Ryan Murphy.

To their credit, they kicked off the episode well.

Not that this was a set-the-world-on-fire number, but it was fun and the Grease recreation works. Laughed-out-loud at Kurt’s Rizzo impression. This was not really a song suited for Mercedes, but I am glad that most of her numbers this season have departed from her Blues/R&B overdose of last season. Sam, for all of his utter uselessness, can at least carry a number.

Actually on that last point, Sam and Mercedes were not the problem. Yes, I am not looking forward to another love triangle, but their scenes were mostly inoffensive and there is something there that works. In fact, compared to the rest of the episode, their scenes was downright demure.

Okay, maybe not all of them exactly. And now, a chat from our sponsors…

NRNW: “Swim” team…no speedos. Oh, network television.
Caroline: “I’ve never seen lips like that on a white child.”
Caroline: I miss speedos.
NRNW: Is she supposed to be funny or obnoxious?
Caroline: Not sure.

Congrats Glee; you have now taken another step closer to complete and utter fan service. Also, who on earth thought casting a Real Housewife was a good idea? You couldn’t reach out to one of the other millions of working actresses? She’s playing a version of her reality television “character” playing a version of her “actual self”… one question: why?

I'm Very British!
Another question: why have Helen Mirren provide voiceovers for a character on the lower end of screen time? Actually, forget it…this turned out to be a genius idea. How often does Helen Mirren say lines like these for public consumption?

“I am the hottest bitch at McKinley High School.”
“Lay off haters.”
“Okay; let’s get reals.”
“For instance, Rory grins too much; he looks like an insane person.”
“Is that a mohawk Puckerman or did someone glue a squirrel to your head?”
“No Chang do. I’m no rice queen.”

Absolutely hilarious. Becky Jackson’s inner voice is my new favorite character. Is that even possible?

In this edition of dropped plotlines, we have Coach Bieste who married Cooter off-screen, and off with the episode hook: Will pending proposal to Emma. Again, no character consistency on the former; last I checked, they were not even together and Coach Bieste had serious commitment issues. Caroline? Chime in, will ya…

Caroline: Woah, they just dropped that dude named after a vagina plot line off a cliff
Caroline: “Never mind the plot resolution! WE’RE HITCHED!”
Caroline: But seriously
Caroline: He’s named after a vagina.

Thanks a bunch!

Will and Emma’s pending engagement might have worked, but less a few seconds here or there, they had not had almost any screen time since about 6 or 7 episodes ago. Pfft, it’s Glee…oh well. How about another number?

Also fun! Jayma Mays hardly gets any numbers, but when she does, she really goes all out on them. They were also smart to play this one for laughs, with Emma popping out of the shower, creeping on Will while wearing a princess-esque shower cap. Don’t even get me started on the bridesmaids donning Royal Wedding, Philip Treacy-esque hats.

Sparkly scarves! Oh, the song selections for the evening revolved around the proposal assignment…which means, with its highly vague parameters, almost any number could have been justified. Not that this was staged poorly, but it was really uninspired in that department. Everything else worked though; the mash-up, the arrangement, the styling, the Kevin, etc…

While I liked the idea of this number, it did not really come together all that well. Sounds a little too slow and depressing to me, when I bet the intention was for it to be pretty. Hey, at least the solos got spread around and even Ms. Tina snagged one.

"Nothing weird here. Haven't you ever had
one of your students be your best man? Totes normal."
Finn certainly had a messed-up episode, no? The ring shop scene with Will was weird (thanks to Will), but was kind of sweet once you get passed the complete unrealism of it all. There is a bit of that mentor/protégé. “you taught me how to be a man” relationship going back to season one (Finn virtually said the same thing to him in the season one finale episode).

That scene might have been weird, but it does not hold a candle to that…sit-down with Emma, Will and the Hummel parents that took place afterwards. Feel free to intervene Skype chat…

Caroline: are we having a finn-tervention?
NRNW: what the fucketity fu**
Caroline: oh lord
Caroline: It’s a lot to hear
Caroline: at school
Caroline: in front of your teacher
NRNW: in front of a guidance counselor
NRNW: Oh look…an anti military message
Caroline: we get so many messages!

Clearly, Ryan Murphy has ignored the voicemails I have left him regarding preachy messages/social commentary (Artie’s monologue and Sue’s comments in reference to Becky made me nauseous). To be kind of fair, neither of those moments were as ostentatious and heavy-handed as other moments in the show’s history…but man, what the fu**? The whole “dishonorably discharged, PTSD (suggested, but never mentioned), died of a drug overdose” story came out of nowhere and was so clumsily integrated and played out and…ugh, just all-around bad.

The weird part is…the following scene at Breadsticks (Breadstyx?), by comparison, was exactly what I have been asking for: the emphasis on life-after-graduation. Kurt, Rachel and Finn lamenting over their plans for the future had way more depth, subtlety and a little comedy (“Screw this; I’m getting a whole cheesecake *snaps*…make that 2 Cheesecakes *snaps*). Finn’s concern of post-graduation life has been a legitimate plot point and compelling arch for the entire season. How is it they can get so much right in one episode (Helen Mirren, very good music, great acting) with so much wrong (occasionally too fan service-y, Will being an inappropriate douschebag, preachy/unwarranted messages)?

Whatever, you are up to bat Ms. Berry…

“Without You” feels a little repetitive coming after that last number in that they both have a similar tempo and staging, but I prefer this number. That’s in large part to Lea Michele Leaing this number like she normally does. Also loved that she dove right into the number - just a few opening notes and off she went. Still a sucker for the out-of-scene stuff…

As far as the whole Will’s proposal plot thing…enh, I am underwhelmed and could not care any less. I hate Will, hate Emma’s horribly-written (and horrible) parents and I hate that Emma’s OCD has now become a serious problem when it used to be a cute, light detail about her. Did I mention that I hate Will? His attitude towards Emma and his constant back and forth switching between wanting to “fix” Emma and marry her to wanting nothing to do with her at all (let’s not forget his spotty relationship history)…get rid of it all please.

At least there was this…

AWESOME! But before I explain…

NRNW: did artie just wheel into the pool?
Caroline: this song doesn’t have very many lyrics
Caroline: wtf swimming?
NRNW: wtf artie wheeled into the pool
Caroline: this is stretching what I consider to be plausible
NRNW: artie is dying y’all
NRNW: drop the fu**ing proposal
Caroline: why would they be able to synchronized swim?
Caroline: oh look, one shot of Darren
NRNW: Darren uses people for his surfboard
NRNW: and artie has a chair…okay?!

Pfft, who swims anymore? People surfing is
where it is at.
Once I got over the panic and hysteria of Artie’s safety, this was amazing. Even in hindsight, Artie rolling into the pool like a boss is pretty hilarious. The 50’s pastiche worked (how could it not?!) the song was super catchy and they looked like they were having a blast with it.

The word of the day…"uneven.” While I give them credit for, once again, featuring most of the members of the ensemble, doing a wonderful job on most of the music and letting the ensemble act to their hearts maximum, there are still some issues detracting from the high moments. My overall response to the episode veered wilding between “WTF Awesome” to “WTF was that?”…to be fair, awesome won out in the end, but only by a small margin.

Oh, Finn’s SHOCKING proposal…echo…echo…echo. Take it on home Skype chat (and thank you to Caroline for engaging me!)

Caroline: I like that these people just hang out on stage dramatically
Caroline: Finn should have gone with “oh that; I had a boner”
Caroline: he is not going to propose, right?
NRNW: he is going to
Caroline: he is not
NRNW: he is too
Caroline: please no
NRNW: please no…but he is
Caroline: but I don’t want him to!
NRNW: neither do i…but he is
NRNW: called it!
NRNW: tumblr and twitter is going to explode
Caroline: say NO!

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