Do You Hear the People Cheering...Swift is Out!

I was gearing up for tonight’s Glee Michael Jackson episode when…BREAKING NEWS… another Les Miserables film casting bomb was dropped on all of our theater-adoring heads. I would normally never base an entire entry around a small press release; the PR enthusiast in me is breaking out into hives that I am writing about this. However, I did write an entire entry around the casting of the Les Miserables film; in my world, this is a no-bullshit matter. News like this should feel free to interrupt other so-called ‘important news” like the recession, or world affairs, or something involving the upcoming political election…

What else can I say? It’s theater; I live it. Press release and go!

Suck it, Taylor. Hence my
game face and dyed hair.
“Samantha Barks is set to play Eponine in the film version of Les Miserables - the role she played at the 25th anniversary concert.

Cameron Mackintosh announced it live on stage at the Manchester Palace at the end of this evening's performance of Oliver!, in which Barks is currently playing Nancy.

Taylor Swift had originally been linked with the part.”

Does anyone else wish they had special news delivered to them like that? “Samantha, great job in tonight’s show! Oh by the way, we are casting you in one of the most iconic roles of all time in a film adaptation of one of the most iconic musicals of all-time. Take your bow honey and enjoy the rest of your bloody evening!

Anyways, I am legitimately happy for her. I really don’t know anything else about her as a performer other then that she was in the 25th anniversary concert, which as I previously mentioned, had a really strong ensemble across the board (ignoring Nick Jonas’ Marius, lest we forgot, which is doubtful). Even in that bunch, her talent seemed to be overshadowed by some of the other performers.

But yes, Barks did a good job. Eponine, for such a prestigious role, is nothing more then a female in love who arrives at a barricade (translation: not that interesting) and combine that with the overplayed to the point of cliché songs (See: “On My Own”), there is not much to be done with the character that someone has not already attempted. But still…

Good, no? Or at least passable for the part. Her “On My Own” may be a little too strong for my taste, but she made up for it in other parts. What excites me most about her casting is that they made the ensemble more diverse by throwing in a England theater actress to offset the overwhelming “big name movie star” that is the majority of the cast. Oh sure, we have Aaron Tveit as Enjolras, but still…diversity is welcome and Barks makes a great addition.

And now that this entire casting fiasco has ended (at least I hope it is), can we all call bullshit on Taylor Swift ever being in the running at all? In hindsight, it looks like a publicity stunt to generate discussion and media, especially because anyone with two eyes and ears could tell that Eponine was too much for her and a complete miscast. Well, thanks for that cause for alarm casting/media people…next time, don’t be afraid to announce the actual performer that is going to be featured. We will still talk about your production; you can trust me on that. No need to go causing an uproar like you did; you can’t joke about that stuff with our sensitive, but impassioned musical-craving hearts.

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