Chat It Up: Gerard Canonico, Pt. 2

Because two is greater then one and at the risk of saying “awesome” more then 4 times in one entry, I’ll just leave you part two of my interview with Gerard Canonico (Check out part one right here). Many thanks to him again for taking some time out to answer some questions and if you are not already, follow him on Twitter! He has been spotted tweeting Matt DeAngelis (Hair alumni, currently on the American Idiot tour) about some pending Superbowl bet…oh, this could get gooood!

Hello Shannon and Gerard...and
Gerard's Shadow.
NRNW: One of your most recent projects, The Talls, had you acting opposite Shannon Esper. What was that like acting with her after you just performed with Michael [Esper] in American Idiot? Did any one thing between the both of them register as an “Esper Trait” or quality?
Gerard Canonico (GC): Hahaha. I mean, they are related. So obviously, there are little things about them that are similar, but as performers they are both very unique. Working with Shannon was a blast. I got to know her while doing Idiot with Michael, so learning that she was playing opposite me was kind of a relief. It made the chemistry a lot easier on stage because we already had good chemistry backstage.

NRNW: After The Talls, you moved on to a reading of Bare. Do you have a knack for getting cast in cult rock musicals?
GC: Hahaha, maybe. It’s just what I’ve been cast in recently, so people know I am a good fit in them (hopefully haha), but I hope to keep branching out and do other things like straight plays, film, or TV in the future.

NRNW: Did you prepare for the reading expecting anything to come of it…would you sign on to the production if it were to have another reading or workshop?
GC: I have been aware of Bare since I was in Spring Awakening and I always loved the music and the story and always wanted to do it. Getting a chance to be in the revival version of it was amazing and if something happens with it in the future, I would love to be considered to be in it again!

NRNW: You, Michael and John [Gallagher] started a band with a revolving name, “Right Now Freak Outs” most recently…how did this idea come about?
GC: Johnny called me a couple months ago out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to play drums for a Garage/punk project that Michael and himself were doing. At the time, we had a 4th member, but because of scheduling differences, he has since left the band and we play as a trio. We had our first practice and immediately clicked as a group. After our second practice, Johnny got a call from Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and he asked if we wanted to open for them at Webster hall 5 days later. We said yes and scheduled about 3 more practices crammed into those 5 days. That show was fucking insane. During our set, the Green Day guys were throwing vegetables at us and stuff so that was pretty funny, but it was our first introduction as a band, so that was rad.

NRNW: You guys have played at Rockwood Music Hall on two separate occasions to lively crowds…is this something you can get used to and we should expect to recur in the future?
GC: Hell yeah! We’ve only just begun. We plan to do more shows in a couple of months and hopefully get a recording done of our songs so far. This is only the beginning and we are all growing to love playing music together. Michael and John are both INCREDIBLE songwriters and musicians, so working with them is fucking amazing. All in all, we want our crowds to get rowdier and play more and more places to bigger and crazier crowds! This is merely the beginning folks!

Oh, if drumsticks could talk...
NRNW: How many drumsticks do you secretly hope to break in a given set? Any amount to indicate that you did your job well?
GC: Ideally none hahahaha…those things are expensive! Hahaha, but I suppose if I break a couple during a set, it means I’m hitting the drums and cymbals nice and hard so therefore, I’m doing my job well.  I recently switched over to a Vater 5B, which is a heavier brand of stick, so they last longer and hit harder than my previous sticks I used to use. Any endorsements would be great Vater! Hahahaha

NRNW: You also have done some film in addition to theater and rocking out in bands. Is there one medium of performing that you are more favorable to then the others? Or do you like the balancing act of pursing them all here and there?
GC: I love to stay well rounded. In theater, you get to tell a full story every night, so you feel a sense of completion at the end of the night. In film and TV, you could take all day shooting one scene, so it is COMPLETELY different. But I love all forms of performing. I consider myself a musician just as much as I consider myself an actor, so if an opportunity arose to play in a band for a while, I would gladly do that.

NRNW: Do you have a career milestone or bucket list item you hope to achieve?
GC: I hope to someday make some sort of living off of being a musician. So we’ll see…

NRNW: Any upcoming projects or plans that we should know about?
GC: I am down to final callbacks for an upcoming Broadway show, but I can’t say anything else on the subject. I also don’t wanna jinx it. I suppose if you see it somewhere online, you’ll know I got it! I also booked an upcoming concert of “The Twelve,” which is a rock musical that I did a concert of a while back and they’re doing it again in Montvale, NJ at the end of March. However, if I book a certain job, I unfortunately won’t be able to take part in “The Twelve.” Other than that, just more gigs with Declan Bennett and The Right Now Freakouts! Come on out to a show if you haven’t already. I’ll try and keep everyone posted via Twitter!

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