Gavin Creel is Telling You to Make Some NOISE!!!

This was never the type of place where I would post a video or a photograph and call it a day. In true NRNW-fashion, there must be a story or a point to make a blog entry and keep it away from “Tumblr-territory” (even though I do have one of those too).

Let’s call our attention to my new favorite song obsession and the accompanying music video. Take it away Gavin Creel!

Wow…wow…just wow. Not only is Creel’s voice so powerful, five angels get their wings every time he hits a note higher then a B. Not only did he write this song (with his writing partner Robbie), which is one hell of an anthem for equality. Not only does every cent from each iTunes download go to charity, they go to Broadway Impact (where Creel is a co-founder).

I think I got it all. In short, Gavin Creel is awesome and one of my heroes for many reasons. This video is even more important to me because…well, if you saw my name in the credits or could identify my flailing arms (I don’t expect you too), I was apart of the rock concert filming.

Creel and company put the call out on Facebook and Twitter regarding extras for the shoot in late October. This shoot was to take place at Ars Nova in New York and the only dress code suggestion was that all extras show up looking “rebel chic” (by the way, that is an awesome style label). I’m sold; who would not want to be in a Gavin Creel music video?

The calm before the "Noise" storm.
It was such an awesome experience (as you can tell from the music video). After everyone arrived, Gavin and Robbie got to talking about the song, its history and their inspiration. Their aspirations were simple; they want the message of equality to come through the power of their song, to inspire the LGBTQ community to speak up regarding their rights and for the music video to reach 1,000,000 views on YouTube. Simple, no?

The beauty of being apart of this filming was that Gavin performed “Noise” straight through numerous amounts of times, trying out different camera angles and having the audience do different things. Actually, on the last point, the most important direction was that the audience just crescendo with the energy of the number and act like they normally would at a rock concert. Other times, we were asked to fist-pump, chant, jump up and down…you know, just get really into the song (which was was not an issue at all). Do you know what is better having one of your favorite singers WERQing an epic number to within an inch of its life? Having him perform the same number an additional ten more times. I cannot really describe how much fun and what a great feeling it was to be there.

The song is available on iTunes, so consider downloading and Facebooking, Tweeting and Tumblring the video/iTunes link your friends. I know some of you get your music from *other* places or rip the audio from YouTube. It’s 99 cents, it goes to a great charity and…well, listen to it. Don’t you want to fist-pump and mosh for worldwide equality? This is a middle finger song to all haters and homophobics if I have ever seen one.

Nice guy much? Oh yea...
Also, credit must be paid to Andrew Keenan Bolger (right, a well-rounded and talented performer/director currently in Mary Poppins and slated for the Newsies Broadway transfer) for directing the music video and editing it. We got hints as to how the music video would go; namely, the concert space would be empty and “BAM!” The audience suddenly appears. Even so, I did not forsee the mix of LGBTQ-related videos and newsreels to be mashed together with the concert footage and the in-studio filming; the entire package just works. He was super-nice on shoot and very professional as well. All of them were.

A lot of talented, sweet people coming together to generate awareness for a cause and raise money for a charitable organization, not to mention throwing a bone to the theater crowd that loves them dearly. What could be better then that…

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