It's Thanksgiving...which means, Broadway PR Ambush!

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade was this morning (stating the obvious, I know) and it is one of the few instances in a calendar year where the mainstream public can get a glimpse as to what on Broadway right now (or upcoming). Therefore, I cannot contain my smirking at the thought of all theater publicists working those phones and e-mails to within an inch of their lives, just to have some interview, a performance or their client’s show mentioned on Primetime television.

Oh, that will be me one day; let me enjoy it from afar…working on a media appearance would excite me, even though waking up at 3:00 in the morning (if I even go to sleep) does not.

Let’s run down the performances and make comments…c’mon, it will be fun!

Sue me, but I am REALLY excited for this show and I thought this was a cute and charming performance that captures the classic Disney feel. It is Newsies; need I say more?

Also good, but as my friend Kay rightfully pointed out, Sister Act is not as universally appealing as it thinks it is. I have not seen the show since April (and I have no intention to return anytime soon), but I can’t even remember where this song fell or what exactly was happening (final song maybe?).

Still, Patina Miller is fabulous and that glittery pixie can belt like she’s husband shopping on Park Avenue.

Speaking of fabulous, Priscilla Queen of the Desert knows how to homerun a performance. In fact, given how over-the-top it is, they come across very well media-wise. Such an infectious and fun little number led by Tony Sheldon (Like him a lot), Will Swenson (Enh, but LOVED his orange pants) and Nick Adams (ZOMG, fierce and flawless). Accompanied by a bevy of dragged-out guys and gals (plus, one adorable little tyke in a Kangaroo costume), and we got ourselves a campy good time.

Over it. It is a good performance (in fact, it pretty much screams “THIS IS A SHOWSTOPPER”) and a strong number overall, but the show’s weak score is exposed considering “Brotherhood of Men” is the only number they perform. I couldn’t even name another song from the show if I tried. You want to build some publicity and generate sales? Have Daniel Radcliffe and John Larroquette do the hilarious football number from the show; that was probably my favorite part.

I don’t get it; is this a parody of the show? Is Spiderman secretly an Olympic gymnast? Why are there 7 of them; is there an underworld of Spidermen living underneath Broadway? Don’t even get me started on the villain’s costumes, which look like a Project Runway one-day challenge gone wrong…

Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark is like the opposite of Priscilla; each media appearance just does them one hell of a disservice. Way too many questions and one confusing performance to boot. I’ve heard Reeve Carney sing live – and he can sing - but he always looks uncomfortable in front of…you know, people.

As is the case of Thanksgiving, I am so glad I have this blog, a bevy of followers/readers and so much juicy Television/Theater/Musicals to dish on week after week. I hope everyone had a great day and does not get murdered while Black Friday shopping!

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