Glee 3x06 "Mash-Off"

Given that Glee decided to go balls out on the plot front this week, this review may be a lot to handle. Fasten your seatbelts…

Let me just say outright: I really liked the episode and still remained impressed that they can feature most of the ensemble and squeeze in a lot of plot and character moments. Even if they faltered on a number here or there, the plot can stand on its own until an amazing number comes along. Works for me…

No, seriously; fasten your seatbelts. I didn’t see such an explosive number coming; one double-take and all of a sudden, Puck was jamming out like Van Halen. I’m not really crazy about the number because it was PAINFULLY literal and it sounded awful. However, Harry Shum Jr. and Darren Criss' legs kicked it into high gear and somehow, even though it was Puck who was singing, they stole the number right out from beneath him. Between that, the sword fighting with the microphone stands and their junk-grabbing (which was way more sexual then anything last week; go figure), I had a blast. The guys (all of them) really had some good performance chemistry, didn’t they?

The silly sociopath schtick makes me break out into hives on occasion, but Jane Lynch is just that good. Against all my expectations and standards, she can still keep Sue funny.

Oh, for the love of Pete, Kurt’s clothes need to report to my closet now.

Sorry, not really relevant or important. Schuester and Shelby? Teachers to the stage please…

Cute. I like them as friends. Random thought; does anyone think Shelby and Will’s hook-up will be addressed? That revelation could add another dimension to the dynamic…

“I am from Lima Heights; I was raised on insults.”

Okay then…check in with you later.

LOVE this. If I did not know any better, I would think Idina Menzel and Lea Michele are mother/daughter in real-life. They play off each other way too well.

Hey, remember when you used to settle problems with a dodgeball game?

Me neither. As pointless and random the staging was, the number was AWESOME. Straight to the iPod, I’ll say; who did not have fun watching this?

It has irritated me a little that Mercedes’ confidence (and style makeover) has been prompted by her father boyfriend. It just doesn’t really speak highly of her (or women in general). LOVED seeing her be assertive and sassy without any mention of her boyfriend. Show of hands: who wants to see Santana and Mercedes have a “The Boy is Mine” diva number over the leadership/power of the Troubletones? I’ll get the popcorn…

I may not be enjoying Puck’s numbers this season, but the rehabilitation of his character is really good. I want him to keep pursuing Shelby just so she can sing “Does Your Mother Know” to him (please Glee people, pleaseee), but the scenes with him and his daughter are sweet and believable.

Mash-Off begin! (That would make a great title for a Food Network show)

No thanks; uninspired if you ask me. The (hilarious) mustaches damn-near upstaged an entire number…and that is not a good thing.

Lesson to be learned…NOTHING can come between a girl and her gay boyfriend. Absolutely nothing. Glad their fight is over; their relationship friendship makes more sense then their petty fighting. Plus, I would love for them to duet on more Broadway or classic tracks…

Team Shelby for the win! I thought this whole “Quinn stealing Beth back” plot device was/is a disaster because it is too mean-spirited for the show and Quinn’s intent is too malicious (even for her). They silenced me; that was a great scene. Shelby is a lot more likeable and believable when she has her guard up and she is protective of her daughter.

Oh, they went there…and it is about time. Santana’s closet lesbianism has gone on long enough and they deployed it at a good time.

It would be too easy to call Finn a douschebag for outing a personal detail like that, but (1) Santana has been way-too-nasty (which the show repeatedly pointed out) to have any sympathy for her (2) Kharma is a bitch and (3) for all this talk about how Finn can sometimes be “special needs,” he did not say one thing I disagreed with.

Oh, and the political commercial outing Santana in the end? Terrible. You could not find a more subtle way to expose the truth? Oh Glee

Gotta love Naya Rivera though, in what was CLEARLY a push for an Emmy nomination. When she goes on her bitchy one-liner tirades, I can’t help but laugh-out-loud, even if she takes it too far.

Now this was amazing. When this mash-up was released last week, with no context whatsoever, it was great on its own. Amber Riley does well (no surprise), but it was all about Naya here. Her glances off in the distance and to Brittany, not to mention her Adele-appropriate vocals, were spot-on and provided a great story for the character. She can convey a lot of emotion and devastation on cue; she has stage presence to spare.

Another strong outing for the show that just about checked off everything I would like from an episode. So of course, we have a small hiatus (only two weeks though) until the next episode. Oh, c’mon…

Still, a great send-off. Happy Thanksgiving Lima! Remember; don’t go selling your children (they mention that a lot on this show) *shrug*

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