Guess what Glee-fully Returns Tomorrow...

So, “that show” that is coming back…and we all cannot act like we have not seen the commercials and have heard some spoilers about the upcoming season.

Yes, Glee is coming back, and considering that is what mostly propelled this blog to a larger readership, I am excited to have a weekly blog muse again. It’s been a while since the conclusion of last season and despite some reservations about the upcoming season, who am I to throw shade? A musical a week increases my lifespan; just ask my doctor…

I already tackled some of my favorite numbers from the first half of the last season; let’s wrap this up with a reflection of the latter half’s best. Oh sure, the quality of the last block of episodes subsided greatly (just as the show’s overexposure reached a point of insufferable), but that did not stop my iTunes from racking up the play counts.

Episode #11, The Sue Sylvester Superbowl Shuffle

“Thriller/Heads Will Roll”

The post-Superbowl time slot called for drama and excitement and this number delivered on the promise of both. It astounds me that they managed to shoehorn in a Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs number, but it is more shocking that it was mashed together with a Michael Jackson number…and the number ROCKED the house. Pure awesome all-around.

Episode #12, Silly Love Songs

“P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)”

The vocals are great – Kevin McHale’s voice translates to MJ pop very well – but the staging and dancing take it to the next level. Glee decreased the number of out-of-scene numbers for season two, so it was a relief to see a number that has a touch of that. Face it: once realism is chucked (which by the way of a musical, it should), musical numbers can be awfully fun. Case in point.

Episode #13, Comeback

“Take Me Or Leave Me”

C’mon; I would love this number. Two divas belting out a Broadway number – a personal favorite of mine from Rent – can only breed good things. They were smart to reassign the verses instead of having each diva take on each role. Lea Michele should get the key to Idina Menzel’s entire playbook (in addition to Barbara Streisand’s) and Amber Riley should do more Broadway numbers.


Again, how they integrated a My Chemical Romance number into such a mainstream show amazes me. Another well-staged number (Sue would pick this number as an anthem), and the number itself is both rousing and EPIC in all caps.

Episode #14, Blame It on the Alcohol

“Don’t You Want Me”

Probably my favorite number of the entire season. It is just so much fun and Darren Criss and Lea worked that number to within an inch of its life. Seriously; they plowed that number so hard, it got pregnant with triplets. I was so disappointed that they did not perform this on the live tour; I would have been jumping all over the place while my head exploded from their energy.

Episode #15, Sexy

“Do You Want To Touch Me (Oh Yeah)”

And Gwyneth Paltrow reminds us why she deserved her guest-starring Emmy. I would have never though she could pull of a Joan Jett number; but then again, I thought the same thing when she attempted Cee Lo’s “Fuck Forget You.” Just a fun little number that made me laugh-out-loud with the New Directions trying to get their sexy on.

Episode #16, Original Song

“Trouty Mouth”

If I had to pick just one of the hilariously written original songs, “Trouty Mouth” wins by a narrow margin over “My Headband” and “Only Child.” The idea of a soulful-singing Santana going on and on and on about Sam’s large mouth is pure joy. The first time I was watching this number, I lost it completely…and rightly so.

“Loser Like Me”

“Don’t Stop Believing” is the show’s signature number that made the audience fall in love; to me, this number made me fall back into love with the show. Definitely a favorite number from the entire season; out of all of their original songs, this one packed the most emotional wallop, an infectious beat and a motivational message for any underdog. I was talking about this number for days after it aired; that means it did its job.

Episode #18, Born This Way

Another number to love; talk about an unexpected combination of songs with an unexpected combination of voices. The contrast with Dianna Agron’s sweet and subtle voice with Michele's Broadway belting voice is really something; I would not mind having them pair up for more numbers. In fact, that is encouraged.

Episode #19, Rumours


While this number is a small step down from their flawless rendition of “Alone,” this is a great number in Kristin Chenoweth’s and Matthew Morrison’s catalogue. Sweet and pretty; just as I ordered…

“Never Going Back Again”

I tend to favor Artie solos because McHale’s voice is one of the best on the show. In addition to that here, the staging and musical arrangements are so well-done. It was really heartfelt and moving as Artie maintained a controlled singing voice as opposed to loud-mouth wailing through the song.

“Go Your Own Way”

Speaking of wailing, Michele might as well mount her career on that aspect of her performing style. She is way more enjoyable to watch when subtlety is thrown out the window and she is all but giving the finger to those antagonizing her. Loved her voice here; she has really built up some range in her numbers.

Episode #21, Funeral

“Back to Black”

Even though no thought went into more clever staging, who can fault having Rivera do Amy Winehouse? Her voice is so well-suited to the song and she performed the hell out of the number. I have been told that this was Rivera’s audition song to be on Glee; if that is true, who wouldn’t choose her when she can bring the house down like that?

“My Man”

I can pretty much copy and paste the above description of “Back to Black” here; a fantastic actress singing a song perfectly suited for her and performing like her life depends on it. No complaints, no further words…

Episode #22, New York

“For Good”

I’ll let my review from the show’s finale speak my praises of this number. All the pieces, from staging to execution, fit and it was the only wow moment of the episode.

I may or may not be tweeting about the episode tomorrow night (translation: I might just tweet the hell out of the show); I know a lot of my friends are turning out parties and social media extravaganzas with this season premiere. If interested, follow me on Twitter if you are not doing so already; who knows, like the show itself…could be a lot of fun! I always do enjoy getting thoughts about each episode (I say that like I created the show; I didn't, I just make sarcastic comments...)

Here’s to a better season then last!!!

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