Glee 3x02 I Am Unicorn


Last night’s episode came and went and aside from a few bright spots, I was mostly unmoved or indifferent. Looking at my Facebook and Twitter feeds…

I suppose there was a mixed reaction as well. Let’s break it down…

Pointless sideplot (or at least that is how I see it) and an OBVIOUSLY shoehorned, but inoffensive theme. In fact, one thing I have loved about this season (so far) is that the episode hook is addressed, sparsely mentioned, and that is that. If they said “unicorn” enough times to instate a drinking game (they came close, especially by the end), I would have cringed more. There were a few chuckles, but both characters, especially Brittany, have been way funnier in the past.

Man, they are really giving some scenery chewing scenes to Dianna Agron this year. I always love watching Quinn and Sue play off eachother; there is a respect, an honesty and a raging bitchiness that is fun to watch unfold.

Oh, Schuester tearing into an ungrateful and blind sighted Quinn? Love!

Here’s the thing: LOVE Idina Menzel and I think she is fabulous to the 9th power. However, as much as her re-introduction of the show makes sense, there was something…off here.

I tend to think if her return happened early on last season, I would be falling over in appraisal as to the development, as more of a “picking up where last season [season 1] left off.” After all, there is a lot that her character can bring to the table in terms of plot and character interaction (not to mention stunning vocals) and she really did not have much opportunity with her minimal screen time in season one.

Ignore my evil-ish grin;
I love you despite giving you up!
Well, now Puck and Quinn have finally spoke to each other after an entire season of pretending they did not have a baby together. Puck is thinking about Beth and straightening up and by the episode’s end, Quinn is now gung-ho on getting full custody of her daughter. That is A LOT to happen in one episode and requires jettisoning all pre-dispositions of the characters. We cannot act like season two did not just happen, where Shelby and Beth were not even addressed and Quinn and Puck did not even bat an eyelash at the thought of either of them (oh, Rachel too).

Don’t get me wrong, there is potential – believe me, I am happy curious about Shelby being back into the picture - but Glee put more stuff on their plate when there was already a lot to begin with. I sense trouble…

Inspite of all that, that scene with Puck visiting Shelby was cute (and well-acted) and this was worth the price of admission in itself.

Amazing, amiright? My father, a West Side Story fan, told me how great this number was, to which I can only agree. Hand the Broadway playbook over to these two and watch them tear it up! Also, it was a nice departure back to more slow, ballad-esque numbers; it did not escape my attention last week that all five numbers, as fabulous they were, were all uptempo, high energy numbers.

I sat there watching this thinking this number should have gone to Michele or even Menzel; either or would have brought the house down with this number. However, Colfer does not have the voice to belt like Barbara, so this was probably the only song in her playbook he could even attempt without sounding awkward. The talk-singing played to his strengths and made it a tolerable number.

The sai swords? Awesome. When this interview came out highlighting his skills, it was only a matter of time before that was put into the show.

And Blaine puts on a clinic, emulating Jim Bryant very well. I would have never guessed that Darren Criss would be a great fit for “Something’s Coming,” but he can sell almost any number on his charisma and stage presence alone.

Nothing can ever come between us.
2 good + 2 be = 4 gotten.
After writing it out, it was not a bad episode per say. In fact, it was perfectly fine. The music was great and so far, a vast improvement over last year. It comes down to the fact that there was a lot of plot and character moments that overwhelmed this episode in an attempt to set-up for the rest of the season. Whether they succeed there or not, we’ll have to see. 

Thing is, there was not much in the way of comedy this week (although Kurt’s Miss Saigon line had me losing it) and as opposed to last week, where I was left cheery and happy, I was left thinking and slightly confused this week. And that, is never a good thing…especially when it comes to Glee.

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