Glee 3x01 The Purple Piano Project

Oh Glee…you are in trouble now.

After an entire season of making it so easy for me to comment, criticize and praise, you just gone and made my job incredible difficult.

Readers…almost nary a complain will grace my lips and that fact alone is making it difficult to blog. I watched the entire episode with a huge smile on my face with my parents (yes, I am that cool!). In my head, I was snapping my fingers and yelling “FABULOUS” after each musical number and before each time we went to commercial. Had I actually done that, my parents would have had no choice, but to have me evaluated for autism. Woe is me…

I keep trying to recap some funny lines, vocalize my opinion on the characterization and consistency, point out nuances of certain plot and character archs, write-up some episode highlights, sing my elation of the performances, etc….the problem? When I am finished, what it looked like I did was transcribe the entire episode with the added addition of a dozen “FABULOUSES.”

It is to the credit of all the Glee folk that I could have embedded the video of the episode, wrote FABULOUS in large, glittery, sparkley letters and called it a day. In fact, I will be resigned to repeatedly writing that because I am at a lack of words.

Okay, I will trudge forward; but only for you. We are brought back to the show with the start of the new year and Jacob Ben Israel (who thankfully, was more toned down) is inquiring about the past summer and life post-graduation. Finn has no clue about his future and Mercedes and Sam are no longer together. Instead, Mercedes is now in the loving arms of her father new boyfriend.

I lied…minor complaint. Mercede’s boyfriend looked like he is in his early 40’s. Glee is not immune to Dawson casting and having much-older looking folk playing 16/17 year-olds, but the image of the two of them is going to take some time to digest.

Anyways, Kurt and Rachel have their eyes set on New York and performing stardom, while Mike Chang is a loaded genius destined for Yale or Harvard. Santana and Brittany are back on the Cheerios in the hopes of achieving senior year glory, and it is revealed that Tina and Artie are juniors with no concern of college graduation.

I just about dug it all, especially that last point. We don’t know what is happening to Glee post-season three, but if they are reissued (certainly a possibility if they mimic the success of this episode week-in and week out), they may go the route of having Tina and Artie (and any other New Directions underclassmen) return and headline a new group of choir people. It remains to be seen if the show will still have its power after Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and every other senior depart, but we’ll approach this topic further down the road…

Back to the status quo…

Don't think we did not see your hilariously ruffled
yellow night gown Emma. Pure Love!
Will and Emma are together and mostly happy, even though Will made a sidebar comment that the two have not done the nasty yet. Loved both characters this episode; Will was not an unstable mess and Emma’s cute OCD was funny and not pathetic. That is a long ways coming from last season; I approve.

Eat your heart out "I am in love with my Step-Dad"
Lest we never forget, Emma’s pamphlet’s need their own show. HIL-LAR-IOUS.

Lauren Zizes left Puck and the New Directions after their embarrassing loss at Nationals, a shame because I liked her even though she brought almost nothing to the table. I am a little curious if she’ll even be featured at all now that her two hooks to the show, Glee club and Puck, are gone.

Sue is back to being a nutbag, but hysterical cheerleading coach running for government using anti-glee club sentiment to boost up through the ratings. Loved this development and I was glad to see Sue’s Corner back.

Dianna Agron knocked it out of the park donning a leather top, a FABULOUS maxi-style print skirt, a Ryan Seacrest tattoo (??) and pink hair as a reflection of her dropping off the wagon during the summer. Who knew she had it in her: from adopting a new voice, a new look and ditching everything of her former life, I look forward to seeing the new Quinn in action. Next week’s preview with IDINA MENZEL RETURNING (sorry, my Diva alert went off) looks interesting on their interaction alone.

Phew, I think I got it all. That fact that they touched on their entire ensemble a little bit and laid the groundwork for the season is very impressive!

Speaking of impressive…

How FABULOUS is that!

The whole Purple Piano Project thing was actually a nice hook for the episode, but maybe that is just me. I share Kurt’s lust for owning one now. I loved this number way more then last year’s recruiting technique of “Empire State of Mind.”
Funny, and I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of Sugar Motta.

In the meantime, Kurt and Rachel made me want to be their third BFF wheel by performing a classic Barbara number as means of showing up their performing arts school competition at a mixer…

QUE FABULOSO! Amazing vocals, charm and energy. Kurt’s clothes need to report to my closet. These two have a relationship that both make a lot of sense within the Glee-universe and is so much fun to watch. More please…
Is Kurt wearing a back-less, double breasted vest (complete with an awesome brooch)? Seriously?

Who do I have to kill for that vest? I will cut anyone who stands in my way. That vest needs to be on my person, right now. I will offer a bounty to whomever finds it fore me, so get cracking…

Oh, hi Blaine! Didn’t see you there; you know, backless vest…welcome to McKinley!

Guess what? FABULOUS! Blaine’s clothes, especially those pants (I can’t control myself today) need to magically appear in my closet.
You are awesome if you
got that reference!
Oh, and it does not matter how much they camera block the 4-foot tall, Italian-looking Filipino that is Darren Criss, but damn it, that dude can work a number like he is in the market for a sugar daddy. What an infectious charasma; I would expect nothing less from him. His voice was perfectly suited to the number and channeling Carlton from Fresh Prince (c’mon, any one who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s had to make that connection like I did) was a brilliant idea. WERQ it Blaine!

By the way, loved everything that developed with Kurt and Blaine this episode. It will be interesting to see how they integrate Blaine into the McKinley social hiearchy and the New Directions choir itself considering his numbers last season were primarily pop and acapella-derived solos. Color me intrigued…
Oh look…she is here.

Nothing against Lindsey Pearce – well actually, The Glee Project showed us that she has the personality and off-stage demeanor of a vacuum cleaner; me no likey – but she should not have been allowed anywhere’s near the show. Samuel was far and away my choice for The Glee Project, even though she was a solid runner-up and one of the show’s best throughout.

Actually, what am I saying…who cannot love her after this?

She brought a whole lotta FABULOUS with her. She really is a talented performer; with her old Hollywood glamour appeal and Broadway belter of a voice, giving her an Anything Goes/Annie Get Your Gun mash-up (YAY mash-up!) was a smart choice. Another roof-crashing number for sure!

I really hope they did not deplete their entire supply of FABULOUS with this one episode. It would have been impossible for them not to get this number right because they have the diverse vocal range to fill out all the parts. Although bless his heart, Chris Colfer’s Penny Pingleton solo was awful; a good thing that portion was cut, even though I missed Artie’s Seaweed. They managed to do the impossible too; adding depth to “You Can’t Stop the Beat” by slowing the tempo of the first verse and letting Lea Michele do what she does best. Such a fun closing number.

Also love the shot of Quinn watching from the risers, echoing the occasion when she watch the New Directions perform “Don’t Stop Believing" in the pilot episode. Before I forget, there were a lot of great meta references and references made out of self-awareness in this episode, which goes along way with me considering the show sometimes loses track of what it is exactly.

In short, it was a well-written, amazingly entertaining, laugh-out-loud hilarious hour of the show, with interesting plot/character developments and FABULOUS musical numbers. Way to go Glee; I am convinced you guys know what you are doing. Keep it up because you are in my good graces for the next week…I am off to download the musical numbers and find Kurt’s backless vest somewhere. Cheers!

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