Glee Live 2011 - An Autotune-Free Experience

It was only a matter of time until Glee comes back into my life and on this blog. The show is like Herpes; an outbreak occurs once every few weeks or so.

Of the many money-guzzling, publicity whoring schemes that Glee comes up with, the “Glee Live” tour is one of the things that I support. This year, the nearest tour stop was the decrepit Nassau Coliseum, which made me miss Radio City long before today arrived. Fortunately, I scored floor seats with two of my best friends and had a group of seven to engage in the Glee fandom for a few hours.

Enter Amy, working the tank top and glasses like it owed her money.

Enter Jackie, looking beautiful as if she was in the market for a Glee husband.

What a great time we had! The reason why the concert is a great idea is because it serves as a “Best of” for the entire season. I may criticize some numbers week-in and week-out, but there usually is a great number or two in each episode. Even better, without the silly staging and plot lines that Glee has in tow, the concert is a fantastic showcase for the talented ensemble and the performances can be enjoyed on face value.

Let’s run through the numbers, shall we? (And by the way, how convenient is it to have so many Glee fans videotape these concerts and put them up on YouTube? That’s TOTALLY legal!)

Jane Lynch should pad her Emmy reel with her “Glee Live” videos.

I will never complain about them constantly performing this number. It represents the show at its best and it is one hell of an opener; this time, complete with stylish unisex vests.

This song was kind of good during the show. Here? REALLY good. Remove the autotune and Jenna Ushkowitz sounds amazing. In fact, the same can be said (and it will be reiterated) for all of them. Fun number!

Question: when did Michael Bay start directing the graphics for this concert tour? It was really distracting and quite frankly, a mistake. A little epicness in the backdrops and lighting is fine, great even. However, this was, by Glee definition, hairography as it distracted from this great number and several others in the show. I am surprised I did not have a seizure.

This right here is where the concert earned its money. The show featured this number with absurd anesthesia staging and a literal video recreation. Live and in person, Heather Morris tore up the number and out-Britneyed Britney. My hips was hurting just watching her dance.

Andddd I just impregnated half of the audience.
Our seats were right near the secondary stage, so enjoying “Fat Bottomed Girls” was difficult with the fan girl shrieking (and Amy practically fainting in my arms). If you ask me, it was a bit of a throwaway as it only lasted a minute or so. Last year, Mark Salling impressed with “Sweet Caroline” and “Lady is a Tramp.”

Dare I say it…okay, this number was a little off here. I love Chris Colfer and he is talented as hell, but this song was an odd choice for the concert (a little too slow if you ask me) and he did not execute on the vocals like he did on the above video.

This wheelchair cannot stop my Jackson
from bursting out.
This was a nice rebound. A good number and these two make a great song-and-dance combination.

LOVED this. Well-deployed Gaga number = funcapades.

Lea Michele was worth the price of admission alone; her voice on the show and on a CD does not even compare to her stunning live voice. This brought me right back to last year’s tour and when I first heard her in Spring Awakening. Even with the firecrackers and overdone graphics, she did a great job here.

I was expecting to write this off with a shrug of my shoulders, but I had fun here during this mini-setlist. Granted, they performed some of their better songs and did not overextend their cameo appearance past three numbers. Darren Criss deserves some credit here; he brought enough energy to power an entire cruiseline and, no surprise, he sounded amazing. Also, he said the word gangster; this amuses me.

Could not really care about the number – again, another odd choice for this type of concert – but that did not stop my fashion-gasm when I laid my eyes on Kurt’s boots. They need to be on my feet right now. In addition, Chris was doing this diva thing where he was swiveling his person on the stool, almost falling over in the process. Adorable.

Works for me. Dianna Agron's voice is so cute pre-machine intervention.

Don't mess; Lima Heights Adjacent represent!
Perfect. One of my favorites of the concert; these girls bring out the best in each other and Cory's awkward dancing is always a welcome sight.

Let’s take a commercial break:

Hilarious. I want Chris Colfer’s delivery and soundbites as the narration for my life. Or maybe just a ringtone.

“Britney? Are you flirting with my man?”
**Answers Phone** “Hello, this is Alex!”

No more a cliché then “Don’t Stop Believin,” but I will never get tired of her singing this number. I could watch her diva out on a Broadway ballad all day.

Is Jesse here? Am I going to have to beat him?
Shockingly good. I say that because when I tell people that Cory sounds WAY better live, people are hesitant to believe me. Well here he is, getting the job done.

And here SHE is. Another stunner of a number; Naya Rivera has runway and performance sass to spare. The accompanying dancing works too; awesome all-around.

Probably my favorite of the concert. It is so much fun and catchy; my arm is sore from all that fist-pumping I did.

It was at this point that the concert wrapped up. Or as I should put it, the concert “wrapped up.” Believe me, no one was buying it when the lights did not come on; we knew the show was not over. Commence encore!

No life is complete until you see Chris Colfer in person wearing a bedazzled/sparkley vest over a spandex outfit with gelled-up hair while swinging his pelvis around like a tetherball and shimmying like his life depends on it. That was Uh-MAZ-ing! Honestly, they could have had this dance routine on loop for 90 minutes and I would say it was time and money well spent. Jenna and Heather were amazing too; this is a highlight of life.

Another highlight of life; Kevin McHale managed some impressive vocals amidst the crazy-fun choreography. Even the distracting graphics were fun here. How much I wanted to bum-rush the stage and join in like a real flash mob, you have no idea.

Whatever. Moving on…

A great number yes, but this number, in my opinion, is not their best; therefore, the order of the songs should have been rethought. They should have ended their setlist on a higher note, such as “Don’t Stop Believin” or “Loser Like Me.”

With that comes a close of the second annual “Glee Live” stop on my calendar year. I am already on a savings plan so I can afford tickets for next year; I can only hope the third season of Glee can deliver enough great numbers for that experience to match their first two tours.

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