Glee Awards 2011. Yes, I Have Opinions

My final Glee post (pending my experience at Glee live) for a while. Believe me.

Only because some of you tweeted or talked to me about it; let’s address the hot mess that I just witnessed.

Not that it was a bad idea per say. Well, yes, Perez Hilton hosting is a TERRIBLE idea, I do not care how much he loves the show. That attention whore of a person should not be seen or heard…ever. Josh Sussman (Jacob Ben Israel from Glee) does not seem like a bad person, but his rapport with Perez was (not surprisingly) awkward and annoying. My eyes and ears are still in agony.

The thing is, taste in music is subjective enough. With Glee spanning so many decades and genres, while featuring a variety of vocal and performance styles, picking a ‘favorite” does not mean much in the realm of things. With the show’s history, general consensus would say a distinct few numbers are universally liked, such as “Don’t Stop Believin” or “Somebody to Love.” Other then those elite few…all bets are off.

Still, I was intrigued, especially because it was based on an audience voting system. Hit It!

I prefer my world dark, thank you!
Song of the Season
Forget You
I Feel Pretty/Unpretty
***Winner***Light Up The World
Loser Like Me
Teenage Dream

I anticipated my views of Glee being contrary to the masses and the selection here supports my theory. I consider “Light Up the World” to be the weakest of the five; my choice would be “Loser Like Me” – a song that delivers the Glee charm, while tipping its hat to the main audience and defining the show.

Those dresses were are still hideous.
Best Original Song
***Winner*** Get It Right
Light Up The World
Loser Like Me
Trouty Mouth

Again, “Loser Like Me” would be my top choice. “Get it Right” is a good second or third place though.

Rachel has a sad. Again. Again.
Best Solo Female
Ain't No Way (Mercedes)
I Follow Rivers (Tina)
I'm a Slave 4 U (Brittany)
***Winner*** Jar of Hearts (Rachel)
Songbird (Santana)

Seriously, fail on the nominees here. Less “I’m a Slave 4 U,” the songs chosen here are some of the worst or least memorable choices for each respective character. “Valerie?” “Back to Black?” “My Man?” “What I Did For Love?” “I Look To You?”

Whatever. If I had to choose, “Ain’t No Way” wins by default.

Don't let the sweater vest fool you;
I spy a pimp in a wheelchair
Best Solo Male 
Baby (Sam)
Fat Bottomed Girls (Puck)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Kurt)
***Winner*** Isn't She Lovely (Artie)
Sway (Will)

A better job on the nomination front; that’s for sure. For me, it would be a toss-up between “Isn’t She Lovely” or “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” Yay Artie!

Best Duet
Pretty,  and witty and WINNING!
***Winner*** I Feel Pretty/Unpretty (Rachel & Quinn) 
Lucky (Sam & Quinn)
Need You Now (Rachel & Puck)
Pretending (Rachel & Finn)
Telephone (Rachel & Sunshine)

Even though I love the catfight that is “Telephone,”” “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” is one of the best numbers of the entire season.

Gratuitous shot of Rachel
working the Marsha Brady
Best Medley
***Winner*** I Feel Pretty/Unpretty
Singing In The Rain/Umbrella
Start Me Up/Living On A Prayer
Stop In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind
Thriller/Heads Will Roll

Another close race; this time between “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” and “Thriller/Heads Will Roll.” In fact, I would settle on the latter here; it is an amazing number and another one of this season’s best.

Back to Dalton y'all go. Hey, where did
that piano come from?
Best Warblers Song
Bills, Bills, Bills
Raise Your Glass
***Winner*** Somewhere Only We Know
Teenage Dream

Considering it was such a hot-selling choice, I though the rallies would be out for “Teenage Dream.” That would be my choice (by default, that is).

Look how hood I am. Oh cra-, my fake
British accent has been exposed. Ahhhh...
Best Guest Performance
***Winner*** Forget You (Holly Holiday)
Listen (Sunshine Corazon)
Ohio (Doris Sylvester)
Turning Tables (Holly Holiday)
What Ever Happened To Saturday Night? (Carl Howell)

A fine choice. Charice did a great job on “Listen” and I initially would have given it to her. However, “Forget You” wins out in the end because it is a true Glee-terpretation of the number unlike Sunshine’s literal diva recreation.

No witty comment here. Except a witty
comment about not have a witty comment.
Album of the Season
Glee: The Music, The Rocky Horror Glee Show
Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album
Glee: The Music, Volume 4
***Winner*** Glee: The Music, Volume 5
Glee: The Music Presents the Warblers
Glee: The Music, Volume 6

I whole-heartedly support this choice! The winning album spanned some of the season’s greatest episodes and musical numbers; there are only a few numbers that I do not like on the album.

For now, let’s close the book on Glee from a blogging standpoint and let the occasional rerun or collection of songs hold me over until the Live tour stop in a few weeks (Exciting!!). Later!

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