Glee 2x20 "Prom Queen"

Hey, remember when I blogged about things other then Glee? Well, there is always next time.

What a magical evening this was for all of those who indulged in their weekly Gleek-dom. Prom, pretty dresses, romantic dates and epic music numbers…what is not to like? Evidently…a lot of stuff.

I fear I may have shocked you all. A good episode of Glee – and seriously, they had some homerun moments – but they effed up some other plot points big time. I am not as forgiving compared to the Twitterverse singing their raves about this episode. Where to begin?

How about a killer number between Jesse and Rachel?

Oh, whoops. Sorry; that wasn’t their Glee number

For some reason, the autotune overdosed on Jonathon Groff’s voice turning him into a Cyborg. Look, this is not the first time on Glee that the autotune pulls a Tabitha Coffey and “Takes Ovah”, but with the Spring Awakening number as my witness, there once was a stunning voice coming from the Groff. The same could be said for Lea, but inexplicably, her voice comes through better (if only slightly).

I find Jesse fun to watch and given the timing of it all, the stage was set to ruffle some feathers with him back in Rachel’s life. I remain interested even if I am not looking forward to his next solo.

Artie, what have you been up to little buddy?

Oh, you want Brittany back? Okay then; a complete 180 from last week. But that’s Gleefor ya; this was relatively expected. I kid because this did not bother me at all; it is a very sweet song and I always love the silly, “everyone walks in jamming on instruments” staging.

It was at this point that I realized that I was buying the entire package Glee was selling me. A lot of minor things I liked - from Mercedes wanting to have her Prom moment, the “prom on a budget” threesome foursome, the scene at the Hummel residency (which by the way, where was Finn's mother this episode?) – and great set-up for their Prom too. I dig it all.

But this:

A truly amazing scene. Max Adler NAILED it; he has the ability to convey a dumpster truck worth of emotion with very subtle facial movements. Now, that’s an actor. Dave’s dynamic with Santana (which by the way, more on my favorite bitch later) was stalled this episode other then some hallway patrol (I say that like it was a bad thing – it isn’t), but his relationship with Kurt is worth a tune-in itself. Color me intrigued.

Where do things start to fall apart? You’ll have to wait a little bit longer…but c’mon you guys, let’s go to McKinley High prom!

"Friday?” Meet Glee. They will make you over into something tolerable.

I have expressed some dismay for the song selection coming from today’s top-40 because Glee works better with classic numbers and showtunes. DO NOT even get me started on this YouTube video that went viral for sucking out loud. The original song was not even in “so bad, it’s good and catchy” territory like the “Bed Intruder” song or the “Back It Up” song.

Fortunately, Glee has three vocal talents in Puck, Artie and Sam who threw some charisma, fun dance moves and energy into the proceeding to make this number fist-pump worthy. Now, I feel there is no number that Glee cannot handle.

Rachel has her obligatory “I’m in front of a large crowd; therefore, I will sing” solo…

Oddly enough, this song did not work for me. I am getting a little bit tired of her ballads because they border on repetitive. And the whole scene lacked subtlety with two minutes of Finn and Rachel averting eyes and staring daggers; point well taken after oh, say, 15 seconds.

Blaine, despite not even being in New Directions, goes after the mic because that is what Blaine does.

Fun! Not only did this number suit his style well, he is more likeable as a whole when he is not singing with the Warblers or having any association with Dalton. And he never was one to lack enthusiasm for a number.

It was on or about that last number where this pretty-good episode made a wrong turn into “excruciatingly painful to watch” town (what is it with me and the quotes today?). Cue montages and go!

Ugh. Finn is super unlikeable for many reasons; this was embarrassing to watch. Even worse, I can’t muster enough will to care.

And with this…
We see the demise of a once great character. The interrogation scenes had very little life in it (even though both Kevin McHale and Jane Lynch tried) but this series of vignettes stepped over the line of Sue’s cartoonish-villainy and delved right into sadistic bitchery. I was waiting for her to say “I want to play a game” or “live or die? Make your choice.”

And c’mon…

That’s just too much. Of the many implausibilities of this show, this is one thing that I cannot forgive and just accept with nary a thought. This would never happen in any school and Artie was just sitting there as a school teacher is about to pry his teeth out. Terrible job, Glee people. It’s one thing when Sue goes on a tirade and shoves a student; it’s another to threaten to pry a student’s teeth out.

Speaking of Sue, here’s my scoop on her. She is fun to watch when she is caught up with herself and wants to shoot a girl out of a cannon for her own selfish reasons. She is hilarious when she gives a biting one-liner or talks about serving punch from the bowl her grandmother drowned in. But between her marriage to herself, the league legion whatever of doom and now this interrogation, her character has become too much to take. On any day, she is too serious to enjoy within the confines of the show, too egotistical to where we have to buy a lot of bullshit to get by or too pathetic to laugh at/with. Last night’s scene was the worst I have ever seen from her.

And continuing with this bad streak of plot torture…
Here’s what I know about the New Directions – feel free to comment or tweet me if I am spinning my wheels. Maybe I do not watch the show enough to have an opinion here.

The New Directions are hated. Okay, I believe it. From the beginning, whether we saw it happen or if it was only referenced, they have been slushied, had cats thrown at them, been booed out of classrooms, heckled and terrorized by the football team. But is this the same school of people that cheer everytime they watch the glee club perform a number like ‘Push It”, “Tik Tok” or “Thriller/Heads Will Roll?” Hell, they were getting fistpumps from the “Friday” number from a few minutes earlier.

On that note, what’s the deal with Kurt? He left McKinley because he was afraid of Karofsky and the football guys right? I know the school is set in a conservative town, so many people might look at his outgoing fabulousness and think less of him. But, football players aside, have we seen anyone else say jack to him? Wasn’t he so happy to roam the halls during “As If We Never Said Goodbye?”

So when this happened…

The only thought I could muster up was who are these people shooting eye daggers at him? Are they the people that are terrorizing Kurt week in and week out that I am not noticing?

My point? This was a very confusing, ambiguous couple of minutes, even for this show. I guess we are supposed to act on the assumption that everyone in the school, including nameless extras 1 – 70, loathe Kurt enough to want to pull a gay Carrie on him.

But even if we believe that whole development, what happens next? He storms out, vents his frustrations and life is suddenly terrible. Okay, it was merely acceptable, thanks to Colfer’s acting. And then, what, 3 minutes later…

He feels fine and empowered to go accept his crown and send a huge middle finger to all their combatants. He walks back into prom, makes an off-handed Kate Middleton remark, and the same crowd that hated him and stared at him awkwardly from moments earlier is now applauding him and watching him dance with another man. I’m sorry; but What.The.Eff?

Terrible, terrible, terrible…they could not even commit to the idea of gay hate for more then five minutes without pulling out the Kurt love. Not that I am masochistic, but I always love the show when they” “go there” and revel in the dark side of being gay in high school. It is something that made the show groundbreaking going back to season one. The idea that Kurt would be hurt by his peers on this special night is fitting and believable; it’s stuff that I would not expect to see in the mainstream.

But now, they pull out the sadness (maybe so Chris Colfer can pad his Emmy reel), only to wrap up the case in minutes with cheerful fluff as they get their boogie on to an ABBA song. Like I said, they could not even commit; lucky for Kurt and Mr. Colfer, I have a lot of built up good will towards him. That’s a good thing because the moment he has returned to McKinley, his whole schtick has blown and brought the whole show to a whole new level of inconsistency, what with wavering back and forth between heavy-handed, "life sucks" drama to “rainbows, bunnies and unicorns” melancholia.

As far as the other prom losers…
Ugh. Quinn is another character to add to the list of character’s that take away from the show, right next to Sue, Emma, Finn and Will. I am hoping someone will knock her up again because pregnant, homeless Quinn was the best of the Quinns. Her “I’m too pretty that someday I might not be” arch pushes her into “piece of work” territory.

Again with the quotes. What did I eat today?

Anyways, thank God for Santana though…
Since Glee is a dramedy, her character is the only one that defines the nature of the show. Of any character, she is one of the few that can make me laugh, but also engage me with her drama. In her post-queen woes, she managed to do all that – the one highlight amidst the 10 minutes of Glee suckage. Emmys? Look out for Naya please.

Oh, right, the ABBA number…

A solid number, certainly prom appropriate, but Naya and Amber have dueted on better tracks and their vocals were watered down to sound more like the original number (other then Amber’s riffs). Besides, nothing was going to salvage that aftermath o’ suck the writers threw upon us. Ian Brennan? Do not hit up the crack pipe in the homestretch of writing an episode.

Remove the final ten minutes and it is a damn good showing. But, as with most of their episodes as of late, the episode would benefit with some editing of so many overwhelming and heavy-handed plot points. At the end of the day, I do not want to watch character developments and storylines that are terribly inconsistent, let alone those that come out of nowhere.

Two more things. A shout out goes to the costuming design team for making that band of 20 - 29 year old high school students looking incredible. Seriously.

Even if the point was overstated, she was a head-to-toe knockout.

Perfect for the character.

UH-MAZ-ING. Trust 
Kevin Artie to bring it.

Confused Classic look.

Dislike. The one sour one of the night, but I suppose that was the point to the whole "prom on a budget" schtick. Don't like many neutral dresses at prom or on the red carpet.

LOVED Kurt's jacket; I want it. Didn't like the man skirt paired with it. Blaine looked dull.

Great color on Mercedes, even if it was not exactly flattering. Sam looked okay; holy long hair there.

PERFECT dress on 
Satan Santana. Karofsky? Whatever. Love the awkward screenshot here though; he's like "eww, lady parts."

Tina looked great, but that's no surprise; I always dig her steam-punk clothes. Brittany looks twee, but Heather worked it though with each cut to her dancing.

The best she could possibly look. That yellow dress gave me nightmares.

Velvet jacket with a bowtie? Other Asian has style y'all.
And let’s not forget Awkward Glee Corner…so many hilarious tweets for one week; brought it!

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Wow. I am impressed with your Glee knowledge! I have to say that I honestly don't follow glee on a weekly basis, but your critics were impressive. Theatre is definitely the right path for you!